Chapter 630 - Besieging The City 10 The City 9

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630 Besieging The City 10

“Brothers, we are sorry. We had been so foolishly used by the demons, and now you have to fight for us. We caused Ping City’s current state. We cannot let you all die here now.” The citizens voiced their remorse as they shielded the Wolf Smoke Regiment. They were shuddering in fear at the sight of those demons, but they resolutely stood before the soldiers with no intention of ducking.

They were already covered in sin; Mistaking an evil-doer as a kind person. Wrongfully accusing the Wolf Smoke Regiment and even attacking them.

And now, the Wolf Smoke Regiment and General Ji had fallen into such a dangerous situation because of them. Even if they were useless trash, they would never give up this final shred of human dignity!

The whole of Ping City, regardless of age and gender, stood shoulder to shoulder and used their bodies to create a layered human shield.

Blocking off the demons’ savage line of sight.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers were utterly stunned. They had once derided the stupidity of the citizens. But at this moment, the soldiers got all teary-eyed looking their back profiles.

These were the citizens they had sworn to protect, and now…

They were instead protecting them.

There were no longer any regrets in life.

Song Yuan took in all the actions of the citizens. Loathing and rage replaced his sense of satisfaction.


Why had this bunch of spineless and foolish citizens suddenly stepped up?

Were they not afraid of death?

Did they really want to stake their lives to protect that monster!!

Song Yuan glared at the crowd-protected Ji Fengyan with eyes full of resentment. His hatred and murderous inclinations towards Terminators clouded his heart.

“You don’t know your own strengths. Since you all want to die so badly, I will fulfill your wishes!” Song Yuan gritted his teeth and hollered at the demons who had been disguised as guards. “Kill them all! Leave not a single one alive!!”

At Song Yuan’s command, the demons launched a ferocious attack. They opened their wide mouths to reveal sharp fangs as they pounced ravenously toward those defenseless citizens!

The outermost ring of people went white with fear at the demons’ rapid approach. Their legs felt like jelly and quivered uncontrollably.


Not a single one of them ran away in panic.

Those shivering legs stayed rooted to the ground, completely immovable!

“Come on!! I am not scared of you! Not scared of you all!!” The people forced out these pronouncements in trembling voices.

They could almost smell that revolting demon breath.


Just as those demons was closing in on the citizens at the front.

Thunderous sounds rang out as deep blue lightning descended from the sky and struck down upon the demons’ incoming path—just a meter away from the foremost citizens!

The sudden lightning strike broke off the demons’ attack.

It was mostly low-level demons who had been surrounding the people. They looked fearfully at where the lightning had left its mark, and dared not take another step.

The citizens gaped in disbelief. They never imagined they would be saved by divine lightning from the sky!

Instinctively, they all raised their heads only to see a massive storm cloud covering the entire sky. Streaks of lightning lit up the dark layers of the cloud, as well as their pale faces.

“Want to kill them? Have you asked my permission?” Ji Fengyan’s voice resonated from among the crowd.

[Mini theatre]

Mou Bei: Little Lightning, are you satisfied with your appearances?

Five-Blow-Thunderstruck: Would Master Author please be “fair”! I also want to take a break during the Qingming Festival to spend time with Sister Endless Ice!

Mou Bei: Even a talisman wants to pick up girls? No way!

Five-Blow-Thunderstruck: Talismans also have rights! You cannot…&%%@[email protected]#io(

Mou Bei: You are spoiled, tsk.

Little crazy brat: Not sparing even a talisman… you’re not human.

Mou Bei: Do you want me to bury your Liu Huo?

Little crazy brat: …

Mou Bei: Quickly help me ask for votes. We have forgotten to seek votes these past two days.

Little crazy brat: …

Liu Huo: Am I not even as good as a piece of talisman??

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