Chapter 631 - Slaying Demons, Breaking The Devil’s Hold

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631 Slaying Demons, Breaking The Devil’s Hold 1

They only saw…

Ji Fengyan flying on a heavy sword above the protective circle formed by the crowd. The evil-vanquishing sword in her hand shone coldly from the lightning flashes!

The lightning formed a circular barrier around the people and cut off the demons’ attack. Sounds of thunder traveled through the air and shook the souls of every single person.

Song Yuan stared incredulously at the scene before him. He had fought in countless battles over the years and alongside several Terminators. But he had never met a Terminator who could summon lightning!

How could that be?

Chang Pu squinted at Ji Fengyan with an intense murderous energy.

This kind of Terminator—she cannot be allowed on the battlefield.

She must be killed!

The people looked in shock at the peals of lightning before them.

Riding upon her heavy sword amidst the lightning, Ji Fengyan’s long black hair was whipped up by the strong wind.

“Listen to my command!” Ji Fengyan suddenly spoke.

“Slay the demons, protect our land!”

That powerful order was like a strong elixir injected straight into the hearts of the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers.

“At your command!” The hundred soldiers responded with a low shout.

That shout spread across the hearts of every citizen like a beam of hope dispelling the despair in front of them.

At this moment, they were no longer fearful. Resolution rose in their hearts, firm as rocks.

“Slay the demons? Haha… I want to see how you will defeat my army of demons with your useless little troop!” Malicious amusement danced across Song Yuan’s face as he stared fixedly at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan completely ignored Song Yuan’s taunting. Standing tall in mid-air, she used the evil-vanquishing sword to slash her own wrists. Fresh blood dripped down the length of the sword and sprinkled all over the soldiers.

The drops of blood made flower-like patterns upon the shabby armour of the soldiers.

“With my blood, I beseech the spirits of the world. Slay the demons and break the devil’s hold.” At Ji Fengyan’s words, the blood splattered across the soldiers suddenly glowed golden and seeped into their armour. In the blink of an eye, those decrepit suits shone with a golden light as if the sun itself was lending them its brilliance.

Basked in the golden light, the soldiers suddenly felt as if it submerged them in a warm hot spring. Their energy levels surged exponentially—and the source of this unlimited power was their armour!

Blood of the Holy Word.

This was a way for immortal cultivators to use their own blood to focus the surrounding spiritual energy on a person. It could instantly raise a person’s combat power. Although the heightened state could not be sustained for long, it was the best way to enhance an attack during a sudden battle!

All the soldiers felt instantly energized as the infinite power filled their bodies. Their minds had never been so clear and alert.

They were now aware of every small detail in their surroundings, as if a shroud had been lifted from their eyes. They could actually see the strange demonic aura radiating from those demons.

Strong or weak, everything was observable.

As the crowd continued to be amazed by this miraculous change in their bodies, Ji Fengyan’s voice rang out again.


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