Chapter 632 - Slaying Demons, Breaking The Devil’s Hold

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632 Slaying Demons, Breaking The Devil“s Hold 2

At her command, the Wolf Smoke Regiment hollered thunderously. They rose in unison and dashed through the people shielding them, pouncing toward those demons!

“Just those few men? Haha… kill them all! Leave not a single one alive!” Song Yuan passed down his ruthless order to attack.

Within seconds, a hundred Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers had surged to the front line—shielding all those unarmed citizens. At that point in time, it no longer mattered how young or immature they were. Every one of those soldiers had morphed into ferocious battle gods. Their eyes blazed and the weapons in their hands were shrouded with a dense aura of combat energy!

Behind them were the citizens whom they would protect at all costs. They had enlisted in the military for this very moment.

Defend our land, serve our kingdom!

The number of demons inside Ping City had surpassed what anyone could have imagined. Putting this number of demons into any battlefield would guarantee a tough and bloody fight.

Nearly 10,000 demons had emerged to face only a hundred soldiers. The difference in their combat power was too wide and completely unprecedented.


There was not the slightest trace of fear on the faces of the Wolf Smoke Regiment. Under the protection of Ji Fengyan’s lightning summons, they howled lustily and dove into the demon fray!

Since Linghe and company had been taken off the army and started guarding Ji Fengyan, they had yet to experience a real war for a long time. This battle with the demons triggered a latent ardor and caused hot blood to course through their veins again.

In the midst of that fighting chaos, Linghe could be seen leading a dozen over new soldiers smashing through the mass of demons like a tornado. All the demons that stood in their way emitted earth-shattering shrieks of agony!




Blade in hand, slaying demons. Their hearts held firm to Ji Fengyan’s mantra. Transformed into gods of war, they withstood wave after wave of demon attacks.

This battle had also completely stunned Linghe and company.

They never knew that they could slice a demon so easily with just a slash of their swords. The demon flesh yielded like a piece of soft tofu under their blade. Boundless power surged across their bodies. It was as if a flow of energy was gushing through their veins and had opened eight extra meridian points. All their hidden potential was unleashed that day!

As the killing carried on, Linghe was astounded to see himself moving so effortlessly. In just the blink of eye, there was already a pile of demon corpses at his feet.

Linghe had never felt so unstoppable before. In his shock, he couldn’t help looking towards Zuo Nuo and the others beside him.

He could actually see wisps of silver smoke surrounding the bodies of his longtime companions.

What was that?

Linghe widened his eyes incredulously as he surmised the explanation behind all this.

Since they had started following Ji Fengyan, she had guided them in a weird type of cultivation. At first they had just thought their Mistress was acting out in her own crazy way. But as time passed, all their old battle injuries and chronic pains had healed bit by bit. This finally led them to believe that Ji Fengyan’s guidance was legitimate.


Linghe couldn’t believe that their usual cultivation practice of sitting cross-legged—not only did it heal their internal injuries, it also unleashed waves of throbbing energy from within their core!

With this surge of power spurring them on, Linghe and company were invincible. Their killing spree forced back the demon masses!

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