Chapter 633 - Slaying Demons, Breaking The Devil’s Hold

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633 Slaying Demons, Breaking The Devil’s Hold 3

Riding on her flying sword, Ji Fengyan carried out a slaughter frenzy on the demons. She summoned lightning to protect the Ping City citizens before entering the enemy flanks, leaving behind chaos wherever she went.

In the midst of the battle, Ji Fengyan glanced towards Linghe and the rest. Compared to the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers, the combat skills of Linghe and company were beyond outstanding. The low-level demons were like ants before them, completely unable to even come close.

Traces of a smile flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

Immortal cultivation would not impart any special feeling to the practitioner at the onset. Absorbing the essence of heaven and earth into the human physique—cultivation was a subtle art and the immense power cultivated over time had long been accumulated within the bodies of Linghe and company, without their knowing. Only in the face of crisis would that power be unleashed and unveil its true potential.

This was also the reason Ji Fengyan had insisted on making Linghe and the rest practice cultivation.

They had been cultivating for half a year—this was exactly what Ji Fengyan wanted.

Ji Fengyan quickly retrieved her gaze and jumped off her flying sword into the midst of the battlefield. As she landed, a strong gust of air radiated from beneath her feet and blew off the surrounding demons.

With her evil-vanquishing sword in hand and eyes as cold as ice, Ji Fengyan’s intense aura of death was overwhelming.

Prompt actions for a speedy victory.

The Blood of the Holy Word had a fixed window period. They needed to carve out an escape route in the shortest amount of time. The moment those high-level demons entered the battlefield… it would spell disaster for everyone!

Ji Fengyan abruptly turned her gaze towards Song Yuan and Chang Pu.

Their military force was far from enough to deal with this massive demon army. Not to mention the demons’ real combat power—those 300 high-level demons—had yet to enter the fray. Chang Pu intended to make use of their low-level minions to drain the energies of the Wolf Smoke Regiment first before mobilizing the high-level demons. That would be when the real battle truly begins.

To kill a snake, you must first chop off its head!

Ji Fengyan knew there was no way they could force a victory by just forging ahead like that. With a plan in mind, she waved her evil-vanquishing sword and fought her way towards the main gates of the city lord’s residence!

Song Yuan eyed the battle before him with a grave expression. He had heard that those hundred Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers were mostly rookies and had no experience fighting demons at all. Hence, he had expected a clean finish.

However, this battle had far surpassed his estimations right from the start. The Wolf Smoke Regiment was not as helpless as he imagined. Those shining figures fought and killed together with the other army troops.

“Let the high-level demons enter the battlefield.” Song Yuan looked at Chang Pu in a panic. He could see that the demons totally could not withstand the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s slaughter.

Chang Pu lifted his eyes slowly. He had been closely observing Ji Fengyan right from the beginning. The more he watched her, the more certain he was that Ji Fengyan must die.

“No hurry.”

“No hurry? If we continue like this, you demons will suffer substantial losses!” Song Yuan frowned.

Chang Pu smiled and said nonchalantly.

“That’s exactly what I want.”

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