Chapter 634 - Slaying Demons, Breaking The Devil’s Hold

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634 Slaying Demons, Breaking The Devil’s Hold 4

Song Yuan was dumbstruck.

Chang Pu laughed. “I am afraid that Lord Song has been away from battle for too long and forgotten the crux of warfare. I have abundant low-level demons—so what if they are all killed? That Ji Fengyan is rather peculiar, so I am using the low-level demons to deplete their energies first. I want to see if Ji Fengyan’s men can hold on until the high-level demons come on stage.”

Song Yuan’s heart gave a painful start as he stared at Chang Pu’s expression. A sense of foreboding rose within him.

This was the nature of demons. They held no empathy even for their own kind. Not just these low-level demons—it was rumored that the mightiest demons would sometimes devour each other, as they could augment their own power by swallowing another demon alive.

Chang Pu was unconcerned about the life and death of those low-level demons. Instead of expressing anger or sorrow as he watched his own brethren being butchered by the Wolf Smoke Regiment, Chang Pu actually looked rather amused.

As the war progressed, the Wolf Smoke Regiment was unstoppable and gradually expanded their perimeter.

The lightning-protected citizens watched the battle with exhilaration.

“Kill! Kill them all! The Wolf Smoke Regiment is awesome!”

Cheers erupted from the crowd. As normal citizens, they had never seen a real battle before. They had never witnessed those epic wars where heroes fought tooth and nail for the nation. At this moment, they finally understood the fiery passion that one felt when toeing the line between life and death. Respect for those soldiers burned in their hearts.

The number of low-level demons had been visibly reduced, boosting the morale of the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers. This was the very first battle for many of them, and they had exhibited courage and combat prowess.

Demons were not that scary.

Just as everyone thought that the Wolf Smoke Regiment could take this opportunity to chase down the remaining demons and end this tribulation.

Chang Pu raised his head and looked at the high-level demons already gathered around. A sinister grin hung on his face.

“Now, the real battle can begin.”

Suddenly, ear-shattering howls reverberated across the sky as the high-level demons stomped into the battlefield!

In that split second, the tables were turned on the battlefield!

The low-level demons all retreated when their high-level brethren stepped in, rapidly distancing themselves from the Wolf Smoke Regiment.

The soldiers had been delighted to see the low-level demons retreat, but…

Before they could embrace their joy, dazzling beams suddenly shot out from behind them!


Over 300 high-level demons launched a vicious attack the moment they entered the battlegrounds. Violent shock waves rippled toward the soldiers.

In the blink of an eye…

Before they could react, the powerful shock waves hit their bodies and sent them flying off!

The intense impact shattered the back of the soldiers’ armour as they were thrown off their feet, landing heavily on the ground. Their exposed backs were now a mess of wounded flesh with large amounts of blood pooling onto the floor beneath them.

If not for the protection given upon by Ji Fengyan’s Blood of the Holy Word, that one attack would have killed all hundred men!

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