Chapter 635 - Wolf Pups

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635 Wolf Pups 1

Originally feeling hopeful, the citizens gaped at the scene before them. Their eyes had widened with disbelief as they stared at the mountain-like forms marching into the battlegrounds. A bottomless fear and despair shrouded their hearts.

How did this happen…

The sight of those massive demons dumbfounded the crowd. They only realized now just how tiny and insignificant they were.

Gigantic and ferocious.

Ji Fengyan halted suddenly and turned to look at those high-level demons stepping into the battlefield.

She immediately looked at Chang Pu standing outside the city Lord’s residence.

Chang Pu returned her intense gaze with a smile. “General Ji, I know what you want to do. But… I am afraid your soldiers will be long dead before you can kill me.”

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes and tightened her grip on her evil-vanquishing sword.

Just missed by that bit.

From that moment on, the situation on the battlefield had been completely reversed.

The high-level demons severely injured the Wolf Smoke Regiment. The searing pain on their backs had clobbered their spirits.

One by one, they forced themselves upright. But even that simple action disturbed the wounds on their backs, causing fresh blood to dribble down their armour.

Thousands of low-level demons eyed the soldiers eagerly from behind, while those 300 high-level demons stood before them—glaring maliciously at the Wolf Smoke Regiment.

“What would it be? General Ji, if you continue your intentions to kill me, would you still be able to save your pitiful soldiers?” Chang Pu laughed with impudence.

Should she follow through with the plan to cut off the snake’s head or should she go rescue her hundred Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers?

The situation on the battlefield changed by the minute. As capable as Ji Fengyan was, inevitably, her Wolf Smoke Regiment men would those 300 high-level demons would annihilate her Wolf Smoke Regiment men while she was focused on killing Chang Pu.

Ji Fengyan shot a cold glance at Chang Pu. She turned around without hesitation and turned back on her flying sword to stand before her Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers.


Her abrupt appearance surprised the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers.

They had long realized that Ji Fengyan planned to kill off Chang Pu first, but never expected her to suddenly turn back.

Ji Fengyan kept silent. That slender figure stood unwaveringly in front of the Wolf Smoke Regiment, shielding them.

Staring misty-eyed at Ji Fengyan’s actions, it frustrated the Wolf Smoke Regiment men at their own helplessness. They were bona fide soldiers, but their General still had to give up her plan and turn round to save them.

“General, we are fine. Kill their leader. We will hold off these demons.” The soldiers forced their bodies upright and clutched their weapons in a death grip. Their eyes burned with determination.

How could 100 injured soldiers hold off these 300 high-level demons?

With their lives.

Ji Fengyan lowered her eyes but didn’t budge an inch.

They were a bunch of wolf pups she had just taken under her wings. How could she feed them to these demons before they had even matured?

“Listen to me carefully.” Ji Fengyan’s voice rang out.

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