Chapter 636 - Wolf Pups

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636 Wolf Pups 2

“You are soldiers of the Wolf Smoke Regiment and should act like vicious wolves. Bring out the savageness in you! Survive. Use any means necessary and survive. Any of you who dies, I will carve your name on the walls of the latrine!”

Initially stunned, smiles gradually erupted on the faces of the men.

Everyone started howling up into the sky like wolves.

“Yes, sir!”

They are wolves, savage, and fearless wolves. Even against a ferocious tiger—they would give their all and battle till the end!

The morale of the Wolf Smoke Regiment was greatly boosted. Even if only death awaited them, they would fight their way there.

It would be a killing frenzy with no mercy and no looking back.

“Linghe, split the team with you and Zuo Nuo leading one each.” Ji Fengyan commanded.

With how things were looking now, Linghe and his gang held the highest combat power.

“Yes!” Linghe and the rest instantly complied and divided up the troops.

“Military Advisor Lu, when the time is right.” Ji Fengyan spoke vaguely, but Lu Shaoqing understood her meaning and nodded.

The high-level demons stepped closer and closer. Their vast numbers and gigantic physiques caused the entire Ping City to quake.

Not only did Ji Fengyan let Linghe and company lead the troops, a few veteran soldiers supported each team. Pure brute force would not be enough when up against high-level demons—ingenuity would be necessary if they hoped to win.

The distance between both sides gradually narrowed.

Song Yuan’s frantic heart finally settled down as he surveyed the scene. He glanced at Chang Pu as he realized just how brutal that demon was. Chang Pu could have just sent in the high-level demons right from the start, but he insisted on offering a sliver of hope to the humans—just so he could snuff it out in one blow.

“Humans are weak. In the eyes of my kind, their existence are as insignificant as ants.” Chang Pu smiled as he watched the Wolf Smoke Regiment being cornered into their desperate situation.

His gaze slowly drifted over to those petrified Ping City citizens. Amusement played in his eyes as he asked, “What do you think? Your human troops can no longer protect you all. The demons will tear apart and swallow them right before your eyes. I am giving you all one chance now. If you are willing to join our side, I can let you off and spare you from any harm today. After that, you will return to being citizens of Ping City, under the protection of Lord Song.”

Chang Pu’s words astounded everyone. The Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers looked in disbelief at the cunning Chang Pu. They desperately wished to tear him to pieces.

Crushing their spirits for an absolute and humiliating defeat—Chang Pu’s methods were undeniable.

In this hopeless situation, he was using the promise of life to persuade those citizens. If they bowed down to the demons and give up their dignity as humans, they could live on like dogs by the feet of the demons. It would be a desperate and meaningless existence, but they would be alive.

The citizens were dumbstruck. They looked back-and-forth Chang Pu and the Wolf Smoke Regiment.

Life or death—it was now up to them.

A deathly silence fell upon the battlegrounds. The Wolf Smoke Regiment held heavy hearts but dared not let down their guard.

At that moment, one citizen suddenly stepped forth from the lightning-protected crowd and knelt before Chang Pu!

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