Chapter 638 - Wolf Pups

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638 Wolf Pups 4

Following that shout, all the Ping City citizens suddenly pounced toward the nearest high-level demon, attacking them with the same farming tools they had used against the Wolf Smoke Regiment.

But how could those blunt farming instruments hope to penetrate the tough hides of those high-level demons?


All the citizens, regardless of age or gender, went mad in their frantic attack against those high-level demons. They used stones and even their own teeth to tear and bite at those demons.

Not one of those citizens ran away. At the last moment, they stayed behind and use their bodies to delay the high-level demons, to offer the Wolf Smoke Regiment a better chance at survival.

They may be weak and timid, but definitely not so at this moment.

The sudden rioting by tens of thousands of people caused absolute chaos in the battlegrounds!

The Wolf Smoke Regiment were thunderstruck.

Song Yuan’s face underwent a major shift. He stepped forward and pointed at the crowd. “You are all insane! Do you want to die!!”

Throwing away their lives!

They were all throwing away their lives!

How could these commoners hope to cause even the slightest damage to those high-level demons?

They had a death wish!

“Die, Song Yuan. You may be shameless, but we are not! You are not fit to be human, but we still are!”

“I would rather die with human dignity than to live a subservient life to demons!”

“I am a human being, not an animal!!”

Chang Pu stared imperiously at the riotous crowd with a murderous expression.

“Kill them all.”

At Chang Pu’s command, all the high-level demons emitted ear-piercing howls. They raised their massive claws and tore those citizens to shreds within seconds. The harsh red color of blood stained the sharp claws of those demons.

The pungent smell of blood permeated the entire Ping City.

In the blink of an eye, countless of citizens died on the very grounds where they had been born and lived.

This scene was deeply imprinted in the hearts of every soldier.

“General, quickly leave. All of you, go now!”

The man’s final cry before his death reverberated in everyone’s minds.


How could they leave!

“Kill.” Ji Fengyan gripped her evil-vanquishing sword tightly as she flew towards the demons in a flash of light!

“Kill!!!” The Wolf Smoke Regiment surged bravely ahead!

Their citizens were fighting for them, what other excuse would they have not to battle to the death!

The Wolf Smoke Regiment entered the battlefield then.

Although our enemies far outnumber us, we will never retreat!

As seriously injured as they were, the Wolf Smoke Regiment joined the killing fray.

Blood and tears mingled in Ping City.

Tens of thousands of citizens and the Wolf Smoke Regiment were staking their lives in this battle to the death with the demons.

Fresh blood splattered all over the ground as lives were lost with each passing second. Death had never been so close.

But, this time, no one tried to run away. This was their final dignity as human beings.

Ji Fengyan was like a god of death; Each slash of her evil-vanquishing sword sliced open the tough hide of those high-level demons.

Chang Pu watched the entire proceedings with extreme maliciousness. He clenched his fists tightly.

“You humans deserve to die. Not realizing just how weak you are—trying to attack a rock by throwing eggs.”

Whether it was a soldier of the Wolf Smoke Regiment or a Ping City citizen—he must butcher them all today!

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