Chapter 641 - Bewitched (3)

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Chapter 641: Bewitched (3)

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Chang Pu’s expression shifted. Just as he wanted to turn around, a sharp sword was suddenly pressed against his neck!

The cold blade pushed tight against Chang Pu’s neck and a malevolent voice spoke at his ear.

“Have your demons stop the attack. If not, you will die here with everyone.”

Chang Pu shuddered. He had not detected the slightest hint of anyone’s presence nearby!


Standing by the side was Song Yuan, who stared incredulously at Ji Fengyan. She had appeared out of nowhere behind Chang Pu.

When did she appear?

He was completely unaware!

“Ji Fengyan! You…”

“Shut up.” Ji Fengyan threw a cold glance at Song Yuan.

Chang Pu suppressed his shock and chuckled. “General Ji is truly obstinate. Is it really such a good idea to leave your soldiers on the battlefield? You are stubbornly sticking to your plan to kill me.”

A cold light flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes as she smirked. “To kill a snake, you need to cut off its head. It’s common sense.”

Chang Pu shrugged nonchalantly. “Even if you kill me, your people will never escape. You can never escape from so many high-level demons.”

Ji Fengyan replied, “You are right. There is no use in killing you now. But..what if you remained alive?”

Chang Pu’s expression changed.

“What do you mean?”

Ji Fengyan laughed. “I am sure you don’t wish to die? Being able to command so many high-level demons, you must hold a high status? I want to know if your one life is more valuable than that of a whole city of people.”

“You plan to take me as a hostage?” Chang Pu was astounded, but then he sneered. “General Ji is perhaps oversimplifying things…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ji Fengyan increased the pressure of her sword on his neck. The sharp blade sliced open the skin on Chang Pu’s neck. It was just a minor cut but an intense pain radiated from the wound.

Under that fiery pain, Chang Pu’s face instantly blanched. Cold sweat poured down his forehead.

“How would I know if I don’t try? I forgot to tell you, this is my evil-vanquishing sword—the bane of all demons. If you don’t do as I say, I have no choice but to use it on you. I will slowly torture you before killing you.”

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes before continuing. “Isn’t it true you demons have never cared about the life and death of your own brethren? Now, do you want your life or will you insist on taking the human lives of this entire city?”

Chang Pu looked increasingly grim. He completely failed to notice how Ji Fengyan managed to get so close to him. By the time she appeared, it was all too late.

It was very clear that Ji Fengyan’s words were all true. If the humans were unable to leave Ping City alive, then… Chang Pu would be killed along with everyone.

Song Yuan stared anxiously at Ji Fengyan. He suddenly reached for the sharp blade at his waist.

Song Yuan had just touched the sword handle when Ji Fengyan’s voice suddenly rang out.

“Song Yuan, you better not make any false moves. If I accidentally kill him, you will be next.” With that, Ji Fengyan glanced at Song Yuan with raised eyebrows. “I can kill you with just one move.”

Song Yuan was completely paralyzed as he tightened his grip on the handle. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, Ji Fengyan spoke the truth. He would not have been a match for her even at his peak—not to mention the fact that he had an injured leg and was long retired from combat.

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