Chapter 644 - Demon Hostage (3)

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Chapter 644: Demon Hostage (3)

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Chang Pu glared at Ji Fengyan’s grinning face. Clenching his jaws, Chang Pu stood up in a fluster.

Ji Fengyan observed her surroundings as she folded small paper figures. After imbuing them with a bit of vital energy, she gave a light blow and those little paper figures drifted into the air. Following the wind, it blew them to all corners.

Ji Fengyan held one end of the Demon Binding Rope and dragged Chang Pu into the Rock Forest.

She had seen the Rock Forest before when viewing a map of the Plain of Corpses. The forest was located right at the other end from the army camp, far away from it. Surrounded by sand, there were only scraps of greenery growing between the broken rocks. It was rumored that this Rock Forest was once a temple built to worship the legendary dragon of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. However, the temple was completely destroyed in the ensuing battles.

Even under the cover of sand and dirt, those weather-worn rocks could still be clearly seen. The elements had already eroded the carvings on those rocks, leaving only faint marks.

As Ji Fengyan observed her surroundings with curiosity, Chang Pu’s expression just got increasingly grim.

He never dreamed there would be a day when a human could hold him hostage. The shame of it was cringe-worthy.

Ji Fengyan found a half-collapsed wall and sat next to it. That wall still held a lifelike carving of the dragon.

This was the great benefactor behind the forging of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. But after the establishment of the Kingdom, it chose to retire and forever disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Ji Fengyan noticed that although both were ancient dragons, there were some differences between the Kingdom’s founding dragon and her “debt-collector dragon”. The founding dragon was more majestic. As described in the legends, that ancient dragon was as big as a city and could make high-level demons shake with fear with just one howl.

Much more powerful than that debt-collector dragon.

“If only that ancient dragon was still here, the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon wouldn’t be in such a miserable state.” Ji Fengyan gave one last glance before looking away.

Chang Pu suddenly snorted in laughter.

“If it was still here, your Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon would long be gone.”

Hearing that, Ji Fengyan turned towards Chang Pu.

“What do you mean by that?”

Chang Pu replied, “Your Kingdom’s dragon is a true ancient dragon, completely unaffected by the curse. It is totally different from and much stronger than the present-day dragons. For your Kingdom to be able to utilize such a mighty beast—do you think the Emperor at that time would have been so stupid as to let go of such a powerful creature?”

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. “Curse?”

Chang Pu gave a cold laugh but didn’t reply her question.

Nevertheless, his earlier words had got Ji Fengyan thinking. She had felt that the disappearance of that ancient dragon was not mere happenstance, and it seemed like Chang Pu may know the reason.

“You still want to play stubborn at this point in time?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows at Chang Pu. Although he did not look like a demon, the fact that Chang Pu was able to command so many high-level demons showed he held a definite standing among his kind.

Ji Fengyan tugged at the Demon Binding Rope in a threatening manner.

Chang Pu’s face looked increasingly bleak…

That damn Terminator!

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