Chapter 675 - Every Man for Himself (1)

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Chapter 675: Every Man for Himself (1)

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If Zhan Fei and Situ Ba were to find out about this, there was no telling what the item’s origins would sound like by the time it reached the Emperor’s ears.

Yang Shun did not wish to see those two take the credit for the map that Ji Fengyan had obtained with such difficulty.

“Very well.” Ji Fengyan understood Yang Shun’s meaning and nodded.

Yang Shun and Ji Fengyan spoke for a while more before Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo returned to their tent together.

In the tent, Chang Pu was being closely guarded by Yang Jian. His grim eyes had not left Ji Fengyan’s figure ever since she had appeared.

“How did you know about the underground tunnels?” Chang Pu looked at Ji Fengyan and said.

Ji Fengyan turned to look at Chang Pu and smilingly replied, “Of course it is all thanks to you. If you not had summoned the other demons in the Rock Forest, I would not have discovered them so quickly.”

Chang Pu ground his teeth in anger. He wished he could leap up and bite Ji Fengyan’s neck into two. However, the moment his body moved a little, Yang Jian pressed him back.

“I advise you to behave yourself, so that you can also suffer less. Today, you were cooperative, so I prepared a treat for you.” As Ji Fengyan spoke, she glanced at Liu Huo. Liu Huo tacitly brought a large plate of raw meat from outside and placed it in front of Chang Pu.

“Eat up. Don’t say that I’ve ill-treated you. This is your reward.” Ji Fengyan spoke smilingly.

Chang Pu felt as though there was blood stuck in his throat. Since when had he cooperated with Ji Fengyan. She had better not talk nonsense!

However, no matter what Chang Pu thought, Ji Fengyan did not mean to acknowledge him. She allowed Yang Jian to drag both the demon and the plate into the tent. She sat at a table, thinking about how to draw the plan.

“You have so many soldiers, why don’t you use them?” Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan’s thoughtful expression and made a suggestion.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes brightened slightly. “Our Liu Huo is so smart.”

Liu Huo smiled and said, “If that’s the case, why don’t you reward me?”

It stunned Ji Fengyan. The smile on her face froze instantly.

She somehow had the feeling that Liu Huo was now looking for every opportunity to flirt with her.

“No. If I reward you, you will be unbearable.” Ji Fengyan grunted.

Liu Huo could not help but laugh softly. “Who acts like that? You even rewarded the demon, but I risk my life for you and you won’t even give me a small treat.”

Ji Fengyan swept Liu Huo a look and proudly arched her head.


Liu Huo could not help but laugh. He ignored Ji Fengyan’s resistance and lowered his head to bite Ji Fengyan’s red lips.

“If you won’t give it, I have no choice but to take it myself.”

With that, he licked his lips as if he was still not done. His beautiful eyes narrowed slightly.

“I am very satisfied with this reward.”

Ji Fengyan, who had been ambushed, glared at the increasingly naughty Liu Huo. Her eyes burned as bright as fire. Then she let out a piteous wail and flung herself on the table, her face plaintive. “Why have you become such a rascal? Brat! Don’t just stand there, hurry and ask Linghe and Lu Shaoqing to come over. I’ll get them to find someone to draw the plan.”

Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan’s exaggerated response and felt amused. If he had known earlier, he needed not have made so much effort to control himself.

However, Liu Huo still obediently went to call the others.

Linghe and Lu Shaoqing soon hurried over. Ji Fengyan told them her plan and they quickly agreed. Then Linghe and Lu Shaoqing stayed all night in Ji Fengyan’s tent and made two copies of the plan, then each went to make his own arrangements.

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