Chapter 676 - Every Man for Himself (2)

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Chapter 676: Every Man for Himself (2)

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The next morning, Zhan Fei and Situ Ba arranged for soldiers from the Green Nightmare Army to hurry over to the underground tunnel that had been discovered the night before. They wished to gain the initiative and be the first to figure out the underground situation.

With this move, they brought away over fifty thousand soldiers. From start to end, they notified neither Yang Shun or Ji Fengyan.

Clearly, they wished to take the credit.

However, Ji Fengyan did not take any notice of their plots. She slept until mid-day. Then refreshed and energetic, she brought Bai Ze for a walk around the camp. Rather, it seemed that there was something amiss with the soldiers of Wolf Smoke Regiment. For some unknown reason, there had been no signs of soldiers undergoing training since early morning. Instead, they were all holed up in their tents, doing who knew what.

The soldiers of Blaze Army were all urging Yang Shun to act quickly, before the Green Nightmare Army figured out the underground tunnels and got all the credit.

However, Yang Shun laughingly pacified everyone and reassured them that even if they did not try to grab the credit, the Green Nightmare Army would have no chance either.

No one in Blaze Army understood what was going on. They only had Yang Shun’s orders and could only obediently remain in the camp. Those who should be training, trained, and those who should be patrolling, patrolled.

Ji Fengyan did not know what Zhan Fei and Situ Ba were up to. However, late at night, she heard the sound of horses’ hooves. She poked her head out to look and saw Zhan Fei and Situ Ba bringing their dust-covered soldiers back to the camp.

This situation continued for three days. Zhan Fei and Situ Ba daily brought men to check on the situation and appeared to be extremely busy. The soldiers of Wolf Smoke Regiment secluded themselves indoors. Ji Fengyan spent her days at leisure.

After three days, when Zhan Fei and the others had fooled about for a long time, they finally stopped for a while. He then gathered all the men in the camp with a smug expression.

Ji Fengyan lazily walked out of the tent wearing her civilian clothing, a trace of sleepiness still lingering in the corners of her eyes.

“What does Lord Zhan have to say?” Ji Fengyan looked at Zhan Fei lazily.

The moment Zhan Fei saw Ji Fengyan, he grunted coldly. However, for once, he did not confront Ji Fengyan directly that day. Instead, he observed the soldiers who had gathered around and then exchanged a glance with Situ Ba before stepping forward and saying, “A few days ago, we discovered the demons’ tunnels in the Plain of Corpses.”

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows slightly.


If she was not mistaken, she had discovered it?

Ji Fengyan was daily refreshing her knowledge of Zhan Fei’s shamelessness.

Zhan Fei’s face was complacent and he was unable to hide the laughter lurking in the corners of his eyes. “Now, after three days of exploration, we have a rough idea of where the tunnel leads.”

When Zhan Fei said this, he was full of pride.

One must understand that to explore a tunnel where demons might appear at any time was an extremely dangerous thing. Now they had discovered where one of the tunnels led after only three days, and without any losses. This was definitely an important achievement.

The soldiers in the army camp could not help but start to buzz among themselves. The men of the Green Nightmare Army were extremely pleased with themselves, but Blaze Army was worried. Only the men of Wolf Smoke Regiment looked mysterious. All of them had large dark circles under their eyes. Who knew what they had been busy with, these few days.

“I believe that before long, we will have thoroughly explored all the tunnels beneath the Plain of Corpses. At that time, we will begin our battle with the demons.” Zhan Fei spoke loftily. From start to finish, he did not tell Blaze Army or the Wolf Smoke Regiment the truth behind his exploration of the tunnels.

He meant to keep the secret to himself.

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