Chapter 677 - Every Man for Himself (3)

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Chapter 677: Every Man for Himself (3)

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Ji Fengyan silently looked on as Zhan Fei pretended to be noble. Yang Shun suddenly coughed lightly and Ji Fengyan glanced at him. Yang Shun’s eyes held a questioning look. Ji Fengyan smiled briefly and stepped forward.

“Lord Zhan, you brought everyone here just to say this?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows and looked at Zhan Fei.

The moment Zhan Fei saw Ji Fengyan, his expression darkened. When he heard Ji Fengyan’s contemptuous tone, his expression became even uglier.

“What General Ji is saying is very interesting. Figuring out the demons’ underground plans is key to this battle. If we cannot figure out the Demon Clan’s movements, we won’t be able to see the whole picture once the battle begins. We will be like blind men feeling an elephant. Or does General Ji think that just discovering that they are hidden underground suffices to win this battle?”

Zhan Fei’s words dripped with sarcasm, and they were all sharply aimed at her.

But Ji Fengyan just smiled faintly and said, “Lord Zhan is right, but… Lord Zhan has used tens of thousands of soldiers and spent three days just to explore one tunnel. That’s not very efficient, is it? If we carry on like that, who knows how long we will have to wait before all the demons’ underground tunnels are fully explored. I don’t think the demons will give us that much time to prepare. Once we encounter the demons in the process of exploration, the battle will commence. Isn’t that right?”

Zhan Fei’s face became slightly gloomy. He was about to say something when Situ Ba, who was standing by the side, came forward. He looked coldly at Ji Fengyan. The aura of oppression hidden in his sinister eyes was suffocating.

“General Ji is young and lacks battle experience. I can understand that. However, we cannot afford to lose even the slightest advantage. Even if we manage to explore a small section, it will be helpful to our battle. Since General Ji can’t be bothered with this, my Green Nightmare Army doesn’t mind taking on the work. Only…”

Situ Ba narrowed his eyes slightly and his sharp gaze swept across Ji Fengyan.

“General Ji had better be less sarcastic.”

Ji Fengyan’s face did not show any trace of fear at Situ Ba’s sinister expression. She laughed coldly and said, “General Situ, I am afraid you have mistaken my meaning.”

Situ Ba frowned slightly.

Without speaking further, Ji Fengyan suddenly clapped her hands together.

Immediately, over ten horse carts slowly pulled into their line of vision. On every cart was rolls of plans, piled into small mountains that lay before everyone’s eyes.

“By knowing ourselves and the enemy, we can fight a hundred battles with no fear of defeat. I understand this saying, but… if General Situ and Lord Zhan wish to figure out the demons’ underground tunnels, they need not have expended so much energy. Couldn’t they just have asked me?” Ji Fengyan spoke laughingly.

Situ Ba faintly sensed that something was amiss.

Ji Fengyan had already let Lu Shaoqing and the others distribute the tens of thousands of plans to the men of Wolf Smoke Regiment and Blaze Army. She also casually took up a copy in her hand and unfurled it before Zhan Fei and Situ Ba.

The moment the plan was unfurled, a map as complicated as a spiderweb appeared before their eyes.

“This is a map showing the distribution of demons in the Plain of Corpses. This is the area that Lord Zhan and General Situ explored in three days…” With a half smile, Ji Fengyan swept her eyes across the map and used her finger to lightly point out a small dot on the map.

“That is about all.”


Zhan Fei’s eyes immediately widened. When Ji Fengyan pointed with her finger, Zhan Fei almost vomited blood!

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