Chapter 680 - Are You Begging Me (2)

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Chapter 680: Are You Begging Me (2)

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Zhan Fei gritted his teeth in hatred but had to maintain a smile on his face.

“General Ji is already leading an army into battle despite her young age. It is also rare to have a young lady become our nation’s hero. Hence, it is only natural that you hold great capabilities.”

Zhan Fei had never felt so put out in his life. It was a complete loss of of face for him to have to praise his sworn enemy Ji Fengyan publicly.

Ji Fengyan wanted to continue making things difficult, but Yang Shun shook his head discreetly at her.

Ji Fengyan considered carefully before relenting.

“All right, since Lord Zhan has praised me so, I shall not refuse anymore. I will send over the maps in another two days.”

Another two days? Zhan Fei glared at Ji Fengyan but dared not say a word for fear of offending her and getting no maps at all.

“Good, good. Thank you, General Ji.” Zhan Fei felt totally traumatized.

Ji Fengyan accepted his grudging gratitude with a grin.

Within this two days, as long as the Green Nightmare Army did not have the maps, Zhan Fei and Situ Ba could only hunker down and lay low.

Satisfied, Ji Fengyan waved away the on-looking crowd.

Zhan Fei struggled to maintain his calm and left hastily with Situ Ba. He didn’t want to even look at Ji Fengyan anymore.

The Green Nightmare Army and Blaze Army soldiers also dispersed. Yang Shun walked alongside Ji Fengyan. “You have really gotten Zhan Fei and Situ Ba in a bind today.”

“Not at all. I have already been very nice.” Ji Fengyan shrugged. If not for this three-army alliance, she would never have given Situ Ba and gang even a glimpse of the map.


The maps were drawn manually—who could guarantee that there would be no mistakes at all?

Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled in a smile. There was no way she would let Zhan Fei and company enjoy their efforts.

Yang Shun knew exactly what Ji Fengyan was thinking. Nevertheless, he wholeheartedly supported any action that would suppress the Green Nightmare Army. He decided that after returning to his tent, he would instruct all his soldiers to keep a close eye on their maps and not allow any Green Nightmare Army soldiers to get their hands on them.

Over the next two days, the Green Nightmare Army behaved themselves very well. Perhaps they had been instructed by Situ Ba, but not one of them dared to provoke the Wolf Smoke Regiment.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment had worked tirelessly the past three days to draw all those maps, a large part of which were given to the Blaze Army. Knowing that, the Blaze Army soldiers treated the Wolf Smoke Regiment men like sworn brothers.

The two armies were as close as families could be.

Two days later, not wishing to make a personal appearance, Zhan Fei sent a Deputy General from the Green Nightmare Army to retrieve the maps. The Deputy General was the very one who had been punished by Ji Fengyan earlier on. He shuddered in fear on seeing Ji Fengyan and hastily beat a retreat the moment he got those maps.

“Mistress, did you just give them the maps like that?” Linghe frowned. Although he knew it was necessary, but… giving the maps to the Green Nightmare Army just felt extremely unsatisfactory.

Ji Fengyan casually waved. “Yes, but they may not dare to rely entirely on my maps.”

Ji Fengyan’s statement was not unfounded. The moment Situ Ba and Zhan Fei got their hands on the map, they spent half a day scrutinizing it and were still uncertain if the maps were legitimate.

Given their history, they found it hard to believe that Ji Fengyan would give them the real maps.

They had wanted to borrow one from the Blaze Army to compare, but the latter had completely ignored them.

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