Chapter 681 - Territorial Battle (1)

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Chapter 681: Territorial Battle (1)

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This time…

Situ Ba and Zhan Fei became even more depressed.

They had the maps, but…

They didn’t know whether to believe in it!

The three-army alliance had been originally dominated by the Green Nightmare Army, but they had now turned the tables on them.

After learning the map, Ji Fengyan and Yang Shun had already started exploring various battle strategies. Meanwhile, although Zhan Fei and Situ Ba had finally gotten the map, they could not determine its reliability. As much as they wanted to start developing their game plan, their hands were tied. They could only swallow their pride and invite Ji Fengyan and Yang Shun over to “discuss strategies” to take a good look at their maps.

In the end…

“I am unwell and not be able to participate in the discussion.” Yang Shun had someone deliver his infuriating message.

“I am inexperienced and should not interfere with such serious matters. I will follow my seniors’ arrangements.” Ji Fengyan responded with not an ounce of sincerity.

With excuses in place, those two didn’t turn up.

Zhan Fei and Situ Ba were incensed, but… since the formation of the alliance, Situ Ba and Zhan Fei had never invited Ji Fengyan and Yang Shun over to discuss military matters. Now, even if Ji Fengyan and Yang Shun had rejected them with false excuses, Zhan Fei could not compel them to come.

As a result…

As Ji Fengyan and Yang Shun were advancing in their discussions over the map.

Zhan Fei and Situ Ba were still wrangling over whether the map was reliable.


The commencement of the battle came closer with each passing day.

There had been a lot of demon-activities on the Plain of Corpses over the past few days. Several villages had been attacked and after receiving news of that, the Emperor had sent someone down to urge the three-army alliance into action.

Before the start of the battle, Ji Fengyan had sent her troops over to Ping City. The city had already been abandoned. Song Yuan and his demons had long fled the coop.

Under the urgings of the Emperor, the three-army alliance was unable to dally any longer. The start of the war was imminent.

As such, the three armies had made their final preparations. Ji Fengyan had also released Little bat and had it deliver a letter back to the capital.

Among the three armies, the Green Nightmare Army was the most powerful, followed by the Blaze Army and finally the Wolf Smoke Regiment—who had the smallest troop and the least experience.

Zhan Fei had repeatedly suggested for the Wolf Smoke Regiment to be at the forefront only to be rejected by Ji Fengyan and Yang Shun.

The final decision had the Wolf Smoke Regiment and Blaze Army setting out together and entering first into the five entrances of the underground tunnel. Meanwhile, 20,000 soldiers would be left behind to guard the camp.

The sound of the bugle horn signaling the start of the battle finally sounded.

Leading 10,000 Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers and 30,000 Blaze Army men, Ji Fengyan and her team would be the first to enter the entrance of the underground tunnel. Despite the huge size of the entrance, it was well hidden at the foot of a mountain.

Ji Fengyan looked exceptionally dashing riding upon Bai Ze and wearing a white suit.

Liu Huo rode beside her on a white stallion and wearing silver armour.

Hundreds of soldiers tore off the foliage covering the entrance, unveiling a massive, pitch-black hole.

“We are springing a surprise attack on the demons, so we must act fast. General, please be careful after entering the tunnel.” Lu Shaoqing cautioned Ji Fengyan in a low voice.

Ji Fengyan nodded. She suddenly raised her evil-vanquishing sword high in the air and spoke in a clear voice.

“This is the first battle for our Wolf Smoke Regiment. Bring out your courage. This will be the battle that raises the name of the Wolf Smoke Regiment!”

The thunderous shouts of the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers met Ji Fengyan’s words.

“Yes, sir!”

Influenced by those battle cries, the Blaze Army soldiers also felt boiling blood surge through their veins.

The territorial battle had officially started!

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