Chapter 686 - An Accident (2)

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Chapter 686: An Accident (2)

“What’s the situation! Are the demons trying to destroy the tunnel?” The soldiers spoke in a panic.

But Linghe’s brow suddenly furrowed. “The demons wouldn’t hurt themselves.”

An ominous foreboding suddenly rose in Linghe’s heart.

It was impossible that the demons had used such strong explosives in the tunnels to attack them, because they would harm themselves. This explosion could not be the demons’ doing… it could only be…

“Damn it, it must be the Green Nightmare Army.” Linghe gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

There were many forks in the tunnels in the middle section. No matter how they divided up the main force of two hundred and sixty thousand soldiers, they could not fill every tunnel.

To prevent the demons from using the tunnels to outflank them, the simplest and crudest method was to demolish the tunnels they could not control.

But this was the same as sealing a way out. Further… with the various troops separated, a major move like that might cause the other troops to be buried underground!

This method of killing the enemy might get rid of eighty percent of them. The Blaze Army and the Wolf Smoke Regiment would never do such a thing. They would never demolish a tunnel without first finding their comrades.

The only ones who would do such a thing was…

the Green Nightmare Army!

How many of the Green Nightmare Army’s military accomplishments had been won by sacrificing the lives of their allies?

No one knew this better than Linghe.

The tunnel that had been blasted was near to Linghe and the others. The shock waves from the explosion caused the earth under their feet tremble slightly. Debris and mud fell on their heads. The place they were in might collapse at any moment!

“Everyone is to evacuate immediately!” Linghe immediately gave the order. The Green Nightmare Army did not care whether Blaze Army or the Wolf Smoke Regiment survived. If they dared to demolish one tunnel, they had no qualms over demolishing a few more.

If they remained here, they might be blasted to death by the Green Nightmare Army at any moment!

Now, all the soldiers had no time to rest. Dragging their weary bodies, they hurriedly fled the tottering tunnel.

Just as they escaped, the entire tunnel collapsed in an instant. Large amounts of debris and mud filled the entire space.

For a time, dust flew everywhere. Those who had been lucky enough to escape looked warily at their escape route that had been sealed shut.

“Damn that Green Nightmare Army, they are really awful.” Linghe was livid with rage. The Green Nightmare Army definitely knew that demolishing the tunnels might hurt their comrades, but they had done so all the same. Clearly, they did not care. What’s more, they would have been happy to send Blaze Army and the Wolf Smoke Regiment to hell.

The morale that had been raised by resisting the demons was now completely extinguished by the blast.

One ear-splitting explosion after another rang out in the complicated underground network.

Linghe had guessed correctly. After the Green Nightmare Army had entered the middle section, they had commenced a large-scale destruction of the tunnels with explosives. Almost half the tunnels had been demolished.

Linghe and the others were lucky to escape. But some other troops might not have been so lucky…

At that moment, Yang Shun was leading the soldiers of Blaze Army in a bloody fight against the demons. Their troop consisted of elite soldiers who were familiar with the entire underground map. Hence, they had progressed the most quickly. They were about the reach the central region of the demons’ tunnels and were nearing the demons’ nest.

When the demons discovered Yang Shun’s troops, they immediately counterattacked. Innumerable demons poured in from all sides.

Yang Shun and the others were trapped in a bitter struggle.

“General.” A deputy general who was bathed in blood looked at Yang Shun. The demons had attacked them viciously and now they did not have enough soldiers left. They were starting to feel the strain.

Yang Shun’s expression grew even uglier. He watched as the demons slowly surrounded the soldiers and his expression grew even more serious. His hand was already placed on the seal of the World-Termination-Armour, but he hesitated to activate it.

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