Chapter 687 - An Accident (3)

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Chapter 687: An Accident (3)

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More and more demons appeared. Yang Shun watched as many of the soldiers under his command were injured by the demons’ counterattack. His heart sank.

They were the first troop to reach this place and hence had met the strongest counterattack.

If this continued, the few thousand men he had brought were definitely insufficient to fight the demons!

As if he had made a major decision, Yang Shun instantly activated the seal of the armor.

A dazzling glow immediately spread in the tunnel. The moment the soldiers of Blaze Army saw the glow, their morale rose greatly!

Their general would finally use his World-Termination-Armour!

After the glow had faded, an armor-clad Yang Shun suddenly appeared in the demons’ line of vision. The forceful aura was suffocating and immediately caused the surrounding demons to become agitated and uneasy.

“Fight your way out!” With a low roar, Yang Shun used the heavy sword in his hand to slash mightily at an attacking demon. The demon was instantly cut into two!

As Yang Shun urged them on, the few thousand soldiers in Blaze Army rushed towards the nearby demons.

As long as they had their general, they were invincible!


Earth shattering roars rose from the midst of the intense battle.

Besides suppressing the demons’ aggressiveness, the Terminators also existed as pillars of support for the various armies. The soldiers trusted them and relied on their immense strength.

When Yang Shun wore the World-Termination-Armour, he was fully armed with only his eyes exposed. The knife in his hand rose and fell, killing innumerable enemies. The mist of blood had reddened his eyes saturating the atmosphere. From afar, he looked as if he had been immersed in blood and was a terrifying sight.

The World-Termination-Armour trapped waves of heat against the surface of his body. Yang Shun could almost feel his body temperature rising rapidly. His ears could hear nothing but the sounds of slaughter in this bloodbath. His nostrils were filled with the strong scent of blood.

In the instant that he chopped down numerous demons, Yang Shun’s brain suddenly received a shock. It was as if something in his body was slowly coming to a boil and it made his movements freeze for an instant.

“General, be careful!” At the moment that Yang Shun froze, a medium-level demon seized the opportunity and sprung an attack on him. In the instant that he pounced on Yang Shun, the deputy general of Blaze Army pushed Yang Shun aside, but the demon forcefully bit his neck into two.

Boiling hot blood sprayed out in an instant. The crimson blood stained Yang Shun’s World-Termination-Armour red.

Yang Shun suddenly snapped out of his trance. When he saw the deputy general who had collapsed on the ground, his eyes were filled with shock and rage.

“I’ll kill you!!” Yang Shun suddenly raised his head and saw the medium-level demon attack again. The heavy sword in his hand sliced downwards and instantly split the demon into two!

At that moment, a violent tremor suddenly shook the entire tunnel. The men of Blaze Army heard a thunderous noise explode in their ears. In the next second, the entire tunnel tottered under violent shock waves. Large amounts of debris and mud fell from the roof with a crash!

Everything happened too fast. It was so fast that the opponents on either side had no chance of dodging.

Yang Shun could only see a streak of flame flash before his eyes. In the next instant, a huge rock crashed down from above his head!

The moment the tunnel collapsed, mud filled the entire tunnel like flood waters. All the Blaze Army soldiers were buried underground together with the demons!

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