Chapter 688 - An Accident (4)

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Chapter 688: An Accident (4)

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The entire tunnel collapsed and no one in it survived. The soldiers who had been locked in a fight to the death with the demons just moments before, were killed by the sudden explosion.

Dust flew everywhere. There was a section at the end of the tunnel that had not collapsed. A group of soldiers stood there silently. On their backs were bags of black gunpowder. It was this gunpowder that had sparked off the series of explosions and buried thousands of Blaze Army soldiers and countless demons alive.

This troop of men were wearing the light armor of the Green Nightmare Army. They stood behind Situ Ba and Zhan Fei, coldly looking at the devastating scene of disaster.

“What a pity.” Situ Ba’s lids drooped slightly. As he looked at the tunnel filled with mud, the corners of his mouth curled in the trace of a cold smile.

“I had thought that Yang Shun could escape the age limit of a Terminator. Who would have thought that… he did not escape in the end… it is truly… a pity…”

Zhan Fei was standing next to Situ Ba. His entire body felt cold.

Just a moment ago, they had hurried with their men to the entrance and saw Yang Shun and the soldiers of Blaze Army battling with the demons. But at that moment, Situ Ba ordered the Green Nightmare Army to bury the gunpowder in the entrance of the tunnel while Blaze Army was fighting the demons. Then they had sparked off the explosion…

Zhan Fei personally saw the pile of mud bury the most experienced Terminator in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Under the violent explosion and collapse, even a Terminator had no hope of survival.

“If I remember correctly, Yang Shun will be thirty-five in half a year’s time?” Situ Ba suddenly looked at Zhan Fei. His expression was unusually calm.

Chills prickled down Zhan Fei’s spine, but he could only brace himself and laugh hollowly. “I think so.”

“Then that’s a real pity.” Situ Ba only blandly said one sentence, but no trace of pity showed in his mouth. Instead, it was wreathed with smiles.

It was full of irony and cruelty.

“General Situ, actually we did not have to…” Zhan Fei subconsciously spoke.

Situ Ba had not distributed his troops too widely and had only divided them into three troops. When they met any tunnels that could not be controlled, they simply demolished it. They did not even consider the possibility of dividing up their troops. For example, there was currently fifty thousand Green Nightmare Army soldiers with Situ Ba. If they had joined the battle just now, they could have cooperated with Blaze Army to exterminate the demons.

However, before Zhan Fei had even finished speaking, Situ Ba’s sinister gaze fell on him. Zhan Fei was subconsciously shocked and hurriedly shut his mouth.

“Lord Zhan, on the battlefield… there are many things that we cannot control. There are so many demons, how many soldiers must be used to force them back? It is better to just blast them. Quick and simple.” Situ Ba laughed lightly, his tone casual.

So casual that it was as if he had not just killed thousands of soldiers.

For the first time, Zhan Fei felt a nameless horror of Situ Ba. This horror could not be described in words. He had earlier known that Situ Ba must have used various underhanded methods to lead the Green Nightmare Army to their current position.


When Zhan Fei personally saw Situ Ba casually cause the deaths of a few thousand Blaze Army soldiers and a fellow Terminator, Yang Shun, he finally realized how terrifying this man was.

In Situ Ba’s eyes, there was no such thing as a comrade.

“General Situ is wise. I have too little battle experience and need General Situ to guide me.” Zhan Fei gulped and answered carefully.

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