Chapter 689 - An Accident (5)

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Chapter 689: An Accident (5)

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“Eldest Princess, is it really a good idea to team up with someone like that?” This was the first time Zhan Fei felt a sliver of doubt.

“Lord Zhan is too polite. You and I are cooperating just for this one victory. After we recapture control of the Plain of Corpses, both of us would become great benefactors in the eyes of His Majesty.” Situ Ba lifted his chin.

Zhan Fei’s back was already drenched in cold sweat.

He had felt nothing particularly wrong with Situ Ba while they were still in camp. But after arriving at the battlefield, Zhan Fei finally realized that Situ Ba’s ruthlessness knew no bounds.

“You are too kind. It is all because of General Situ that we achieved today’s victory. I will definitely report this to His Majesty.” Zhan Fei had lost all desire to take any credit. He feared being assassinated by Situ Ba should he offend him.

Situ Ba appeared to have detected Zhan Fei’s anxiousness. He chuckled and patted Zhan Fei on the shoulder.

“There is no need for Lord Zhan to be so nervous. Yang Shun was just an accident. He sacrificed himself to help us get the opportunity to attack and annihilated countless demons at the same time. Yang Shun was such a great and noble person, wouldn’t you agree?”

Cold sweat poured out of Zhan Fei as Situ Ba’s words caused his heartbeat to speed up in fear.

Situ Ba had twisted the gunpowder explosion into a “self-sacrifice” by Yang Shun.

“Yes, General Yang was very great and noble.” Zhan Fei agreed. He did not dare to voice out any other opinion.

Situ Ba gave a bland smile. He cast a sweeping glance across the collapsed tunnel and said with an ironic smirk, “Yes, Yang Shun was really very noble. I wonder where is his good friend General Ji.”

Zhan Fei’s heart gave a start.

Did Situ Ba intend to get rid of Ji Fengyan also?

Zhan Fei finally understood how the Green Nightmare Army’s multiple achievements were won.

It appeared that with victory at hand, Situ Ba planned to kill off the entire Wolf Smoke Regiment and Blaze Army!

Only then will the credit for this battle be fully awarded to the Green Nightmare Army.

No wonder…

No wonder Situ Ba had been in no hurry to make a move on Ji Fengyan. He was waiting for this moment.

“General Ji… I am afraid she will be here soon,” Zhan Fei said in a grave voice.

Situ Ba chuckled but kept silent. He looked at the caved-in tunnel again before remarking. “Since this pathway has been sealed, we will continue on the other way.”

“Yes,” Zhan Fei answered in a trembling voice.

He now held a great sense of fear towards Situ Ba.

Situ Ba swaggered off with his massive Green Nightmare Army in tow—leaving behind thousands of aggrieved ghouls.

Under the yellow dirt, a living soul appeared to be moaning. With no one noticing, a pair of crazed eyes suddenly opened!

Near the center, several of the tunnels merged and the dispersed teams gathered together at the end.

Ji Fengyan had killed her way through one of the tunnels single-handedly and finally neared the center of the demons’ lair. Just as she walked out from the tunnel, she discovered that the tunnel opening before her had been destroyed in an explosion. They had sealed the entire path.

Ji Fengyan frowned. As she was rushing on, she had seen several similar tunnels destroyed by explosions. Just as she was about to move forward, a glint of light from a pile of rubble caught her eye.

A heavy sword had been buried under the dirt, with only a thumb-width part of the handle exposed.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes widened the moment she saw that sword handle!

This was Yang Shun’s sword!

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