Chapter 691 - A Heart Filled With Wrath (2)

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Chapter 691: A Heart Filled With Wrath (2)

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Ji Fengyan’s face became increasingly grim. She felt a deep sense of unease the moment they unearthed the bodies of those Blaze Army soldiers. She was well aware that digging open this collapsed tunnel was an impossibility at this point of time, but…

Ji Fengyan clenched the sword tightly, unable to ignore that sliver of hope in her heart.

Just as Linghe and the rest were digging carefully through the hubris, a few miserable-looking Blaze Army teams emerged from two other tunnels. They were stunned upon seeing Ji Fengyan. Every one of them looked rather terrible. Their bodies were riddled with injuries, having obviously encountered demons along the way.


Before the Blaze Army soldiers had time to salute Ji Fengyan, their gaze landed upon the heavy sword in her hands.

“That’s General’s sword!” One of the Blaze Army men exclaimed in disbelief.

Yang Shun’s sword was a familiar sight to every Blaze Army soldier. Yang Shun had raised that very sword during their countless battles, leading them to toward victory after victory.

And that sword, which represented the heart of the Blaze Army, had now fallen into Ji Fengyan’s hands.

The cries of the Blaze Army attracted the attention of Linghe and the rest. They finally realized why… Ji Fengyan looked so distressed and insisted on their digging of that tunnel.

Yang Shun…. might unfortunately be…

The Blaze Army soldiers stared thunderstruck at the sword in Ji Fengyan’s hand. They looked at Linghe and company carrying out their digging task. A sense for foreboding rose in their hearts.

“General!!” At that heart-wrenching cry, all the Blaze Army soldiers pounced upon the rubble in a frenzy. They dug into the dirt with their bare hands, crazed expressions written across their faces.



How could something have happened to their general!

As Ji Fengyan watched the agitated response of the Blaze Army soldiers, her heart like a heavy stone was sitting upon it.

The large group of Blaze Army joined the digging fray, speeding up the process. However, the soil was too loose after the explosion to support a tunnel opening. Freshly dug areas ended up collapsing again after a short while, while the parts which were currently holding up looked like it might still cave in any time.

Ji Fengyan collected her thoughts and took a deep breath. “Linghe, bring them back. Everyone is to stop digging!”

If they continued, those men might end up being buried alive in a second cave-in.

It was still unconfirmed whether Yang Shun was alive. She could let no harm come to his Blaze Army soldiers!

Linghe gave the order and led his Wolf Smoke Regiment to pull out those Blaze Army men still digging deep in the collapsed tunnel.


“Let me go! General, our General is in there! Let me go!”

The Blaze Army soldiers struggled like they had gone mad. They completely disregarded their bleeding wounds and the smell of their dripping blood permeated the entire tunnel.

The Wolf Smoke Regiment had to use all their remaining energy to them drag out.

“Be quiet, all of you! Your General will want nothing to happen to you!” Linghe struggled to restrain a Blaze Army soldier. His mood had never been darker.

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