Chapter 692 - A Heart Filled With Wrath (3)

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Chapter 692: A Heart Filled With Wrath (3)

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No one believed that Yang Shun had died.


Even high-level demons with their thick hides had been crushed to death in that massive collapse. Yang Shun might have activated his World-Termination-Armour before the cave-in, but even so… there was still a low chance of survival.

Ji Fengyan took a deep breath and walked to the wreckage. She scrutinized the charred soil and detected a faint trace of gunpowder.

“General, this is the work of the Green Nightmare Army,” Linghe said in a low voice.

Ji Fengyan’s hands shook. “Why?”

Looking at Ji Fengyan’s cold back, Linghe kept silent for a moment before answering. “On our way here, we encountered several cave-ins. It was lucky that we had not stepped into those tunnels before their collapse. But… at one section, we discovered a tablet belonging to the Green Nightmare Army…”

With that, Linghe took out the tablet and held it before Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes and looked at the dirt-stained tablet. The words Green Nightmare Army were clearly carved on it.

“The Green Nightmare Army destroyed several tunnels. Apart from some demons, many of our comrades had also perished.” Linghe’s tone was grave. Their Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers had narrowly escaped as they were mostly young rookies and still quick and agile. However, along the way, they had discovered some Blaze Army soldiers buried in the rubble, similar to this scene before them.

“The Green Nightmare Army.” Ji Fengyan clenched the tablet tightly as a murderous glint flashed across her eyes.

“The Green Nightmare Army had always hated the Blaze Army as they were the only other troop that could stand up to them. Meanwhile, our Wolf Smoke Regiment… also had some past scuffles with the Green Nightmare Army. All this while, during our three-army alliance, Situ Ba had been biding his time and was just waiting for this opportunity.” Linghe took a deep breath.

He had personally experienced the ruthlessness of the Green Nightmare Army. The death of Ji Fengyan’s father had been a result of that viciousness.

“The Green Nightmare Army had risen to become the Kingdom’s premier army within just a few years. This was because they had taken sole credit for all their past battle victories. Nearly all armies who collaborated with the Green Nightmare Army met with terrible fates. Even those whose troops escaped total annihilation—almost all their Generals died in battle. I had thought… this Green Nightmare Army wouldn’t be so daring…” Linghe frowned. The Green Nightmare Army had the audacity to make a move on both armies in this three-army alliance. This viciousness was even more scary than the demons.

Who could have imagined that the Green Nightmare Army, as their fellow Kingdom soldiers, would stab them in the back during such a dangerous battle?

Only Situ Ba would be so bold.

The battle accolades for this Plain of Corpses territorial war would be immense. Situ Ba would naturally be dissatisfied if the credits had to be divided into three.

They had already penetrated deep into the tunnel network and only needed to advance a few hundred meters more before they would reach the demons’ lair.

The demons had dispatched vast resources to defend against the three-army invasion and also suffered severe losses over the past few days of fighting.

The Blaze Army and Wolf Smoke Regiment had cleared much of the demons, and this was exactly what Situ Ba hoped for.

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