Chapter 693 - A Heart Filled With Wrath (4)

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Chapter 693: A Heart Filled With Wrath (4)

In Situ Ba’s eyes, victory was at hand and… the Blaze Army and Wolf Smoke Regiment had become obstacles in his way.

Only by sending the Blaze Army and Wolf Smoke Regiment to their deaths would Situ Ba be able to enjoy sole credit for this battle!

Linghe’s words made the Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers shudder in fear. They had just enlisted and didn’t realize that such a crazy thing could exist in the noble and mighty military force.

The Blaze Army soldiers had quietened now. Their eyes were a blazing deep-red and full of a bestial blood-thirst.

“The Green Nightmare Army… Situ Ba… the Blaze Army are now their sworn enemies!”

“We want to avenge our General!!”

Their sorrow had transformed into a deep wrath. The Blaze Army had far more soldiers than the Wolf Smoke Regiment and had suffered the most losses during the explosions caused by the Green Nightmare Army. Many of them had survived those explosions by sheer luck, and even if Linghe had not said it, they would have known the Green Nightmare Army caused this!

The Blaze Army soldiers’ intense hatred and strong blood-thirst swirled around the darkness of the tunnels. The entire Wolf Smoke Regiment focused their attention on Ji Fengyan.

Their enemy was not just demons but something even more terrifying—the Green Nightmare Army. Someone who was willing to take the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers for the sake of battle accolades—Situ Ba!

“General, what do you think?” Linghe didn’t dare to make any quick decisions. He could feel the Blaze Army’s rage, which was akin to his own hatred of the Green Nightmare Army.

Ji Fengyan’s expression was like ice. Her sharp gaze swept across the gathered troops. She suddenly kept her evil-vanquishing sword and cleaned the dirt off Yang Shun’s heavy sword.

As the dirt was wiped off, the sharp blade once again shone under the light of the torch fires, reflecting red in Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

“Blaze Army brothers, I will seek redress for this blood debt of General Yang’s.” Ji Fengyan’s cold voice reverberated in everybody’s ears.

Although she had not known Yang Shun for a long time, Ji Fengyan held deep respect for this highly experienced General. Yang Shun had tried his best to guide Ji Fengyan in matters of military battle. She respected Yang Shun like an esteemed tutor.


The Green Nightmare Army had led Yang Shun into a fatal trap. This blood debt must be repaid with blood!

Ji Fengyan’s energy influenced all the present soldiers. The Blaze Army wiped off their tears and looked resolutely at Ji Fengyan.

“General Ji, from now on, the Blaze Army will follow all your arrangements.” One of the higher-ranked Blaze Army soldiers stepped forward and bowed deeply before Ji Fengyan.

“We beseech General Ji to seek revenge for our General!”

“We beseech General Ji to seek revenge for our General!”

Thunderous shouts erupted from the Blaze Army. All of them bowed down low towards Ji Fengyan.

“I will.” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes.

With all their new and past grievances accumulated, she must make the Green Nightmare Army pay back all their debts in battle!

“Everyone gear up and follow me into the tunnels. We will wipe out those traitors!” Ji Fengyan lifted her chin as her eyes filled with an unwavering light.

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