Chapter 725 - The Battle of the Puppets (3)

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Chapter 725: The Battle of the Puppets (3)

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“He is gathering the demon aura, don’t let him do it! Now is your only chance,” suddenly, Liu Huo said.

The Demon King was using his ultimate move to gather demon aura. Before absorbing them, his defense was the weakest.

Ji Fengyan nodded slightly and looked at Liu Huo. The two of them instantly charged towards the Demon King who was still gathering the demon aura.

The Demon King squinted at Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo, who were charging at him. When he contacted Liu Huo, his eyes could not help but flash with fear.


The fear subsided very quickly and was replaced by madness.

The demon aura gathered around the demon aura instantly entered his body, causing his body to expand by two times within a blink of an eye!

“You wretched people, I will send you to hell!” The size of the Demon King’s body ballooned and his face became unusually hideous. Suddenly, he spread out his huge and sharp claws and swung them at Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo.

Ji Fengyan and Liu Huo were moving at such high speed that the Demon King did not touch them at all. With each person at one side, they dodged the Demon King’s claws and went straight for his body!

Ji Fengyan quickly wiped the blood that was not yet dried from her palm onto the evil-crushing sword. When the evil-crushing sword took in her blood, the entire sword gave out a golden ray. Then, Ji Fengyan immediately pushed it towards the Demon King’s chest. In his panic, the Demon King immediately used his hands to block it.

Even though he had blocked the deadly move from Ji Fengyan, the back of his hands had a huge wound.

“You wretched terminator, did you think you could defeat me with this?” The Demon King looked at Ji Fengyan viciously, but suddenly he realised that there was a huge amount of demon aura leaking out from his wound.

The Demon King’s expression became very unpleasant. All the demon aura that he had accumulated in his body had actually spilled out because of such a shallow cut.

Seeing that her attack had an effect, Ji Fengyan continued. She was not hoping to kill him with one move, but had created more wounds around the Demon King’s body with the help of Liu Huo.

Those seemingly thin cuts had actually brought huge damage to the Demon King. His lifespan was supposed to last until that day and he could only revive after consuming the newborn Demon King. He had already used all his powers to forcibly gather all the demon aura from the demonic vines, yet…

It was his last struggle, but he was defeated by all of Ji Fengyan’s attacks.

With his body covered with numerous wounds, and demon aura leaking out from his body, the Demon King’s body shrunk at an observable rate.

His eyes showed panic for the first time — he did not want to die yet…

He did not want to die like this!

Seeing the Demon King slowly collapsing, Liu Huo immediately reached out his hand and pulled Ji Fengyan back.

“His demon aura is already destroyed so the demon aura no longer belongs to him. By forcibly using it, once it is destroyed, he will experience counter damage.”

Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback. Liu Huo seemed to know the Demon Clan inside out.

And it was really just like how Liu Huo had predicted.

The Demon King could not keep the demon aura in his body. Those demonic souls that had been used as offering to him also leaked out at this moment. The demon aura that was filled with grudge for him caused his already weakened body to experience all the counter damage…

The Demon King’s body shrunk rapidly and his hideous gaze continued to stare at the huge black ball on the throne.


He was almost there…

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