Chapter 726 - Xiao Tuanzi (1)

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Chapter 726: Xiao Tuanzi (1)

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The Demon King took its final breath and passed on without a sound. Its huge body collapsed. The demon aura surrounding it also dissipated.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“Just like that… the Demon King is dead?” A Blaze Army soldier swallowed as he stared in disbelief at the Demon King’s body collapsed beside the throne.

His question reflected the thoughts of several others.

In everyone’s eyes, the Demon King was an all-powerful and mighty foe, bringing despair to all.

But before them now…

The defeat of this Demon King was not as difficult as they had imagined.

Ji Fengyan glanced over the soldiers who still held a lingering fear in their hearts. Looking at their befuddled expressions, she cleared her throat. “Don’t think so much. This Demon King was already nearing the end of its powers, even if we had not barged in today, it would have died if it didn’t swallow the new Demon King.”

They were only taking advantage of that window of opportunity.

Understanding dawned on the soldiers and they nodded.

“No wonder. That Demon King had such an intense demon aura but its combat power… was not that great.”

“I agree. It didn’t even feel as strong as a high-level demon.”

The soldiers started chattering and someone asked Ji Fengyan curiously.

“General Ji, just how powerful is a Demon King at its peak?”

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Ji Fengyan also didn’t know. She just looked towards Liu Huo.

Liu Huo gave a helpless chuckle before saying blandly, “If the power of a Demon King right before its death is only that of a mid to high-level demon, then… a Demon King at its peak surpasses the capabilities of a hundred high-level demons.”

Everyone gasped at Liu Huo’s answer.

“That’s why we were just lucky. The combat powers of this Demon King were only a tiny fraction of its full potential.” Ji Fengyan laughed.

The soldiers nodded and thanked their lucky stars.

But just as everybody was doubting the abilities of the Demon King, a crisp sound resonated across the palace.

Web-like cracks had appeared on the surface of that black ball sitting upon the throne. A thick demon aura emanated from within.

Having finally relaxed, the crowd once again went on the alert.

Oh no!

They had forgotten about it.

Apart from the dying Demon King, there was still the unborn new Demon King!

Everyone’s hearts had nearly jumped out of their mouths at that instant.

Ji Fengyan immediately stepped forward, clutching her evil-vanquishing sword tightly in her hands. She was ready to engage the new Demon King the second it appeared.

With another loud cracking sound, the huge black ball completely split open to reveal a mass of tender, green vines. The vines slowly unwound and it revealed a small figure nestling right at the center.

It looked like a soft, white ball. Four small hooves curled inward to its abdomen area. A pair of light green horns grew from the top of its head, while a little tail the length of an index finger protruded from its backside. A tiny, pale green ball was affixed at the tip of that tail.

Just as Ji Fengyan was preparing to slash down at it with her sword, that slumbering little ball suddenly moved. Its rotund body stretched out to reveal a large pair of liquid, black eyes which stared straight at Ji Fengyan.

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