Chapter 727 - Xiao Tuanzi (2)

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Chapter 727: Xiao Tuanzi (2)

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The moment the little ball met Ji Fengyan’s gaze, it narrowed its eyes and raised its two front hooves. It waved at her and spoke in a soft, frail voice.

“Mo… mother…”

“…” Ji Fengyan’s expressions cracked.

The surrounding soldiers were also stunned.

“Mother… mother… hug… hug…” That soft little ball puffed out its round cheeks as it wheedled. It continued to wave at Ji Fengyan with its hooves.

Ji Fengyan gasped as the evil-vanquishing sword started shaking in her hands. She turned towards Liu Huo in bewilderment.

“It… I… this…”

Surprise also took Liu Huo. Looking as the little ball stared unwaveringly at Ji Fengyan while waving its hooves, he suddenly understood.

“Um… I forgot to tell you. The new Demon King holds a nestling mentality at its birth. It will not attack the first demon it sees…”

—But will treat it as its own parent.

This was also one reason the demons could consume each other.


Liu Huo couldn’t help feeling amused at the speechless Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan looked completely distressed and the corners of her mouth twitched as she surveyed that tender little ball.

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“Hug…” Getting no response even after all its efforts, tears welled up in the eyes of the little ball as its tail drooped down.

It looked so pitiful.

Ji Fengyan’s heart tightened. Looking at that despondent little ball, she had to remind herself over and over again…

This was a demon.

And a Demon King at that.

You must remain calm.

Don’t be fooled by its current appearance!

“That… this thing, if we bring it back…” Ji Fengyan asked tentatively.

Liu Huo replied, “It will be the same as other Demon Kings.”

Ji Fengyan shuddered. She couldn’t help thinking about the truth behind the World-Termination-Armour which Liu Huo had just revealed to her.

Weapons created using the bones and flesh of the Demon King.

“But it is so tiny.” Ji Fengyan’s heart was in a turmoil as she glanced at the tearful little ball.

This tiny fellow had committed no evil deeds yet. The only reason for its birth was just so its “father” could devour it for nourishment…

Come to think of it, it was rather pitiful.

Ji Fengyan didn’t regard herself as an especially good person, but she was still well aware of the difference between right and wrong.

“The size of a Demon King doesn’t matter. Moreover…” Liu Huo hesitated, before deliberately lowering his voice. “A newborn Demon King holds immense potential. The World-Termination-Armour made from it would hold even greater enhancement effects.”

Ji Fengyan frowned. She was extremely averse to anything to do with Terminators. Particularly after understanding the origins of Terminators and the World-Termination-Armour, she totally detested it all.

A demon may commit evil deeds, but this new Demon King had just been born and had yet to do a single bad thing. It had never harmed another human being.

Ji Fengyan stared at the doleful little Demon King as tears streamed down its face. She thought of how this little ball would be skinned and dismembered the moment it landed in the hands of the Emperor, so as to make the World-Termination-Armour… fury rose in her heart.

The little ball was quietly wiping its own tears when it was suddenly enveloped in a warm hug.

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