Chapter 728 - Xiao Tuanzi (3)

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Chapter 728: Xiao Tuanzi (3)

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The little ball looked up. Ji Fengyan’s face, holding a conflicted expression, filled its line of sight. Ignorantly, it thought its own mother had finally embraced it and happily wagged its tiny tail. It snuggled in Ji Fengyan’s arms and called out in a frail voice.

“Mother… mother…”

Ji Fengyan’s heart instantly softened.

She took a deep breath and gazed at Liu Huo. It stunned him to see the resolution in her eyes, but then smiled helplessly.

Ji Fengyan turned around and looked at the dazed soldiers.

“Today, we only saw one Demon King.”

The congregation of soldiers were dumbstruck.

Ji Fengyan continued. “This little fellow will follow me from now on.”

Ji Fengyan’s announcement was already very clear. She had no intention of reporting the existence of this little Demon King to the Emperor.

At that instant, the soldiers fell into a perturbed fluster. They had fought demons for so many years and never imagined that a General would actually want to adopt a demon?


It was a Demon King.

It was a difficult thing for the crowd to accept at that moment.

Even Linghe looked doubtful and he couldn’t help saying, “General, this little fellow is extremely dangerous. If you do this…”

Ji Fengyan shook her head. “I want to try.”

She lowered her head and looked at the dopey little ball, who only wanted to stick to her.

“Everyone says that demons are innately cruel. But… if we provide them a different environment growing up and teach them a different set of values—what will happen?”

She could not kill this innocent little fellow, and definitely would not tolerate letting the Emperor make use of Terminators like pawns in a chess game to dominate over everything.

How could someone who never treated Terminators as humans earn her respect and loyalty?

Ji Fengyan’s words astounded everybody. No one expected her to have such a crazy way of thinking.

Several soldiers still held reservations, but they suddenly remembered Situ Ba’s dying words.

Yang Shun’s death was arranged by the Emperor…

The hearts of the Blaze Army soldiers turned cold the moment they recalled that fact.

“General Ji, we will respect your decision and will keep this secret for you.” A Blaze Army officer stepped forward. They were indebted to Ji Fengyan both professionally and personally, moreover…

They now held some doubts against the Emperor. They would rather conceal this matter for Ji Fengyan’s sake.

“General, this little fellow doesn’t look that scary.” A Wolf Smoke Regiment soldier spoke up. They felt this little ball wouldn’t be much of a threat even in the future. Anyway, in their eyes, Ji Fengyan was so powerful that there was no foe she could not defeat.

She had even executed a Demon King. If this little fellow turned bad in the future, Ji Fengyan would deal with it.

Ji Fengyan smiled. The promises of both the Blaze Army and the Wolf Smoke Regiment were a hero’s pledge. She believed they would keep the secret for her.

Although the little Demon King could be hidden, the old Demon King still had to be handed over. Linghe and company packed up the corpse of the old Demon King and carried it out.

The Green Nightmare Army who had been standing outside the palace in a daze had already left.

The demon vines circling the entire underground world had also dried up.

The death of the old Demon King signified the victory in the battle to regain the Plain of Corpses.

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