Chapter 731 - The End Of The Battle (2)

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Chapter 731: The End Of The Battle (2)

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Still trembling, Zhan Fei took his leave.

Linghe felt extremely pleased on witnessing Zhan Fei’s hapless state.

“How arrogant was that fellow when we first met him in Ji City? He didn’t learn his lesson then even after being punished by the Grand Tutor. He finally tasted true hardship this time. It was right to give him a right scare.” Linghe harrumphed.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Linghe. “When did I scare him?”

Linghe replied, “That Heart-Devouring curse, wasn’t it just a hoax to scare him?”

The corners of Ji Fengyan’s lips twisted. “What a hoax, everything I said was true.”

Linghe’s face froze…

Seeing everything had more or less been settled, Ji Fengyan stood up and tidied herself. “It’s about time. We should head back to the Moonset Valley now.”

Linghe nodded in a daze. He could not imagine how Ji Fengyan’s Heart-Devouring curse could be real.


Recalling the countless miraculous acts his Mistress had carried out, Linghe regained his composure.

Linghe ran off to spread the news while Ji Fengyan seemed to have suddenly thought of something. She summoned Yang Jian and gave him some instructions. Yang Jian nodded and left.

When he returned, Yang Jian was holding…

They threw Chang Pu before Ji Fengyan’s feet. During their mission, the Demon Binding Rope had bound Chang Pu within the camp, and he suffered immensely the past few days. His eyes widened the moment he saw Ji Fengyan and he made to speak, when he suddenly noticed…

A soft little ball was lying comfortably upon Ji Fengyan’s knee.

Chang Pu’s jaw dropped to the floor.

“Demon… Demon King?” Chang Pu stared incredulously.

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows slightly.

“You can tell?”

She had already used her vital energy to seal off Xiao Tuanzi’s demon aura. She even had Lu Shaoqing look it over and he remained unaware of its identity. Lu Shaoqing was still in the dark of all that happened, and he thought it was a pet that Ji Fengyan had collected on the way back.

The shock in Chang Pu’s eyes turned into suspicion. As he was still under Ji Fengyan’s control, he had no choice but to explain. “Although it doesn’t have any demon aura, all demons from mid-level onwards could identify it.”

“Oh? Then you can tell which Demon King this is?” Ji Fengyan asked with a bland expression.

Chang Pu stared at Ji Fengyan in silence.

“There are quite a number of Demon Kings in this world. How in the world would I be able to recognize all of them?”

Ji Fengyan nodded. It seemed like Chang Pu didn’t know the history behind Xiao Tuanzi.

“There’s something I found rather strange and need to ask you about,” Ji Fengyan suddenly asked.

Chang Pu glanced at Ji Fengyan without a word.

Ji Fengyan continued. “I didn’t see Song Yuan while I was in the demons’ lair.”

Song Yuan was still at Ping City when they left. But on a return trip, Ping City had already been completely abandoned. Song Yuan and all the demons had long vanished without a trace.

Chang Pu gave a slight start on hearing Ji Fengyan’s words. He then laughed out loud.

“Song Yuan? General Ji, do you think us demons would keep a useless human around? I am afraid he was already dismembered and eaten up?”

As Ji Fengyan looked at the smug-faced Chang Pu, amusement suddenly played upon her lips.

“I guess Song Yuan got what he deserved. But you reminded me.”

Watching Ji Fengyan’s amused expression, Chang Pu suddenly felt a sense of foreboding.

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