Chapter 732 - The End Of The Battle (3)

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Chapter 732: The End Of The Battle (3)

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“Now that we have eradicated the demons in the Plain of Corpses, you… of what use are you to me?” Ji Fengyan grinned. Her smile sucked all the warmth out of Chang Pu’s body.

Chang Pu’s composure crumbled under Ji Fengyan’s smile. How could he forget that he was still in Ji Fengyan’s grasp?

“Are you going to kill me?” Chang Pu struggled to maintain his surface calm.

Ji Fengyan shook her head with a faint smile.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

Chang Pu was stunned. She won’t kill him?

Ji Fengyan had initially kept Chang Pu alive just to extract intelligence from him. But now… the Plain of Corpses had already been reconquered. He had lost all usefulness to Ji Fengyan.

Why was she not going to kill him?

Somehow, even after knowing he would not die, Chang Pu didn’t feel the least bit relieved. He felt that if Ji Fengyan was not going to kill him, it only meant that she was planning something even worse than death for him.

Chang Pu’s suspicions were soon confirmed.

Ji Fengyan propped up her chin on one hand and grinned at Chang Pu.

“My Wolf Smoke Regiment soldiers are mostly rookies with not much battle experience. They did not have many opportunities to fight with demons. I think… you should be more than happy to help me train them?”

Ji Fengyan’s radiant smile was deeply imprinted in Chang Pu’s mind, triggering a rash of goosebumps all over his body.

Was this girl crazy?

She actually wanted him to help train her soldiers?!

“Your joke is not the least bit funny…” The corners of Chang Pu’s mouth twisted. Since landing in Ji Fengyan’s clutches, he had suffered every single day. Now, Ji Fengyan clearly intended to bring him back to her own camp and have him train her rookie soldiers…

A leader of a major demon army being degraded so—Chang Pu was nearly puking blood at this.

“Stop dreaming. I will never do any such thing for you.” Chang Pu gritted his teeth as he glared at Ji Fengyan. If not for the fact that he was no match for her, he would have long swallowed her into his belly!

Ji Fengyan grinned at Chang Pu, totally disregarding his words.

She had gotten this idea from the capital institute which had used this very method to train its students’ combat skills. She wanted to try it out herself.

After making her decision, Ji Fengyan immediately had Yang Jian tie up Chang Pu even more tightly and shove him into a horse carriage. Whether or not he was willing, they were just going to bring him back to Moonset Valley first!

The three armies had already geared up and made ready to leave the camp. Having lost their leader and being in conflict with the other two troops, the Green Nightmare Army dared not draw attention to themselves and slunk off quietly.

Ji Fengyan led the Wolf Smoke Regiment to bid farewell to the Blaze Army, and the three-army alliance dispersed then and there.

In just a month’s time, the Plain of Corpses was filled with the raging flames of battle and the ensuing smog.

The funerals of two Terminator had also ensured that this would be a battle to be remembered.

Ji Fengyan was the last to exit the campgrounds. Before leaving, she stood before the entrance and surveyed the empty camp. For a moment, she could almost see Yang Shun’s kindly figure standing right in the center, bidding her farewell with a smile.

Ji Fengyan lowered her gaze and threw a fire torch into the camp. That fire will burn down everything.

With her back against the intense flames, Ji Fengyan mounted Bai Ze while hugging the sleeping Xiao Tuanzi. Leading the 8,000 remaining soldiers of the Wolf Smoke Regiment, she started the journey home.

As they moved on, the heat behind them was gradually dissipated by the wind. This was the Wolf Smoke Regiment’s first battle, but it was also… their final one…

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