Chapter 733 - Something Is Amiss (1)

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Chapter 733: Something Is Amiss (1)

News that the Plain of Corpses had been successfully regained rapidly reached the Emperor. The Emperor was overjoyed at the news and especially announced the results of the battle to the entire kingdom. He highly commended the three generals and expressed his great grief at the deaths of Yang Shun and Situ Ba.

The two strongest armies in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, Blaze Army and Green Nightmare Army, had both fallen in this battle. The only one to survive was a young and little known general. This attracted much attention.

When Ji Fengyan received the news of The Emperor’s commendation, she was lazily sitting in her chair. Her chin rested on one hand while her other hand pinched Xiao Tuanzi’s soft body. She did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“The Emperor is behaving better. On the one hand, he mourns General Yang and Situ Ba’s deaths, on the other hand he hurriedly replaces them with new generals. He is certainly… in a hurry.” Ji Fengyan laughed wryly and casually cast the royal decree in her hand aside. Her casual attitude frightened Linghe, who was looking on.

Ever since Situ Ba had revealed that the Emperor had tacitly allowed Situ Ba to kill the Terminators, his mistress had not referred to His Majesty at all.

Having been by Ji Fengyan’s side for sometime, Linghe knew her personality well.

It seemed…

That Ji Fengyan was completely disappointed in the Emperor.

“However, the leader of the Green Nightmare Army is an old acquaintance.” Ji Fengyan mused. She raised her hand and placed Xiao Tuanzi, who about to burrow into her arms, on the table.

The little fellow was the Demon King, but it was even more clingy than a real pet. It only hoped to cling to her side for the entire day. It needed hugs all the time. If she had not personally picked it up, Ji Fengyan would have wondered whether this little ball was really the ferocious Demon King.

“Old acquaintance?” Linghe was a little puzzled.

Ji Fengyan said, “Qin Muyao.”

“Qin Muyao? The young master from the Qin family?” Linghe was slightly taken aback, then understanding dawned on his face. “No wonder. Most of the Terminators on the battlefield already have armies. Those who have not yet been made generals are basically not powerful enough. His Majesty… Ahem… The Emperor is not a fool. The fighting strength of the Green Nightmare Army is so great, he would naturally choose a powerful Terminator to lead it. Naturally, Qin Muyao was the best choice.”

Earlier, in the battle of the Capital Institute, not only had Ji Fengyan reached her peak, Qin Muyao, who had fought the enemy together with Ji Fengyan, had also received great acclamation.

Whether it was his status as belonging to the first Terminator’s family, or his own talents, he was definitely capable of shouldering this responsibility.

Ji Fengyan nodded. Qin Muyao’s talent was truly outstanding. With a few more years of polishing, he would certainly be unparalleled in his generation.

“What about Blaze Army?” Linghe asked, speaking out of turn.

Ji Fengyan shrugged. “I haven’t heard of the Blaze Army’s general before. Someone called Hu Na.”

Linghe thought for a while, but could not recall anything about Hu Na.

“Any other news from the Emperor?” Linghe asked.

Ji Fengyan shrugged. “What else can there be? Just some rewards and highfalutin talk. But I have been asked to return to the capital within half a month to receive my reward.”

By now, Ji Fengyan no longer had any ideas about the Emperor’s rewards. She had not worked out whether her half-human half-demon body would be capable of cultivating in the way she had used previously.


Linghe was mildly stunned.

“The Emperor wants you to return to the capital immediately to receive your reward?”

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