Chapter 734 - Something Is Amiss (2)

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Chapter 734: Something Is Amiss (2)

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“That’s right.” Ji Fengyan nodded.

But Linghe’s expression became grave.

“Miss, something… is amiss.”

“Why do you say that?” Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback.

Linghe frowned faintly and said, “When I was under your father, we also won many victories. However… I have never heard of receiving rewards just after a battle ends. One must understand that in any big battle, there will be significant losses to the troops. The kingdom must provide a certain amount of time to allow the general leading the soldiers to get his troops in order and rest for a few months before returning to the capital to receive rewards. However, the Emperor suddenly wants you to return now…”

Linghe hesitated for a moment, then asked carefully, “Miss, do you think that bastard Zhan Fei broke his promise and said something?”

Ji Fengyan shook her head. “The Heart-Devouring Curse in Zhan Fei’s body has not been activated, so it is unlikely that any news has leaked out.”

“But… I still feel that something is amiss. Miss, why don’t… we wait and see? Let’s not return to the capital straight away?” Linghe spoke hesitantly.

Ji Fengyan could not help but laugh softly at Linghe’s careful expression. “Brother Ling, why get so worked up. The capital is not hazardous. Even if a vicious tiger was in the capital, would I be afraid? If I defy the decree, then someone will come up with some highfalutin excuse to make trouble for me.”

When Linghe thought about it, he realized that it was so. After all, the Emperor had personally dispatched the news and summoned Ji Fengyan to the capital.

If Ji Fengyan did not return, he would blame her and accuse her for showing contempt for her sovereign. Then she would regret it.

“Then Miss should be careful when she returns.” Linghe spoke carefully.

Ji Fengyan nodded with a smile.

When Liu Huo who had remained silently by the side heard Linghe’s words, his brow wrinkled quietly and his expression grew more complex.

“Forget it, let’s just set off tomorrow. Brother Ling, what about that demon Chang Pu? How is it doing in the camp?” Ji Fengyan asked.

Ji Fengyan had kidnapped Chang Pu and brought it back to Moonset Valley. Then she had force fed it several talismans to reduce its murderous intents. After that, it had trained daily with the soldiers of the Wolf Smoke Regiment.

The moment Chang Pu was mentioned, Linghe’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Miss, your plan worked. Chang Pu’s is fairly powerful and demons are very hardy. Our camp of soldiers has made progress this few days. Basically, a troop will fight Chang Pu every day and their fighting strength is improving rapidly!”

Only Ji Fengyan would do something as crazy as using a high-level demon to train soldiers. But it looked like the results were exceptionally good.

When Ji Fengyan heard this, she nodded contentedly.

Then she thought of the stupid dragon still sheltering in Moonset Valley. In the period that she had been away, thankfully the ancient dragon had behaved itself and remained sheltered in the woods, protecting the camp in Moonset Valley. Ever since she had returned, she had not been to visit it.

“You carry on, I’ll take a turn around the woods.” As Ji Fengyan spoke, she got up. When Xiao Tuanzi saw that Ji Fengyan was about to leave, its four little hooves immediately bunched together and it leapt onto Ji Fengyan’s arm. The four hooves clung tightly to Ji Fengyan’s arm. Its posture seemed to say, “If you don’t bring me along, I won’t let go.”

Helpless, Ji Fengyan had no choice but to bring this clingy ball along to look for the ancient dragon.

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