Chapter 735 - Farewell (1)

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Chapter 735: Farewell (1)

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In the dense forest, a huge shadow lay prone on the ground. The surrounding birds flew past it slowly, as if passing a hill.

Ji Fengyan brought Xiao Tuanzi to the side of the large lump, but before she could open her mouth, the large object suddenly turned its head.

A mouthful of dense dragon breath shot straight at Ji Fengyan’s face. Like a violent passing wind, it whipped up her long hair. The dragon breath frightened Xiao Tuanzi, who was clinging onto Ji Fengyan’s shoulder, and it huddled into a ball. The furry little ball on its tail quivered with fright.

The large dragon head suddenly appeared in front of Ji Fengyan’s eyes. When Ji Fengyan saw the pair of angry dragon eyes, she smiled brilliantly. However, the timid little ball was on the verge of collapse.

“Mother, it’s so scary.” Its voice seemed to be on the verge of tears.

Unsure whether to laugh or cry, Ji Fengyan patted the terrified Xiao Tuanzi and lifted her eyes to look at the unhappy ancient dragon.

“Are you back? I thought the demons would have eaten a little cheat like you.” The ancient dragon grumbled in a resentful tone.

It should not have trusted such a cunning little cheat. It had been made to fly so far and had seen little of the promised treasures. Then it had sheltered in the woods and fed the mosquitoes for a long time.

The ancient dragon had never felt so aggrieved in its life.

“Don’t be angry anymore. I’m here now, isn’t it?” Ji Fengyan looked at the ancient dragon laughingly. The corner of her eyes swept across the stones that had been piled into a mountain by the side of the ancient dragon.

The ancient dragon perceived Ji Fengyan’s line of vision and pretended to moan discontentedly. “I picked them up when I had nothing better to do.”

Unsure whether to laugh or cry, Ji Fengyan wiped her face and resigned herself to turning the pile of rocks into gold.

As the gold rolled down, the ancient dragon’s discontented eyes gradually brightened. However, it forced itself to maintain its pretense of arrogance.

Only when Ji Fengyan had turned all the rocks it had picked into gold, did the ancient dragon turn its head proudly. As it used its tongue to sweep the gold into its mouth, it muttered, “Hmm, seeing that you are so cognizant of the situation, I will forgive you this once.”

If not for its horrible ‘table manners’, Ji Fengyan would have thought… its words were almost believable.

After sweeping up all the gold, the ancient dragon finally burped contently and swept a thoughtful glance at Ji Fengyan. However, this glance caused it to freeze.

The huge dragon eyes narrowed into a slit and it stared unwaveringly at the suspicious living thing huddled on Ji Fengyan’s shoulder.

Xiao Tuanzi had been so awed by the ancient dragon’s might that its entire body quivered. Now that the ancient dragon was staring fixedly at it, it almost fainted. Its four little hooves clung desperately to Ji Fengyan and tears hung from its bright, black eyes.

It looked like it was about to be eaten…

“Don’t scare it, it’s very timid.” Xiao Tuanzi was so frightened that even its tail had turned pale and Ji Fengyan hugged it to her chest to comfort it.

“A demon?” The ancient dragon’s expression was rather strange.

“Yes.” Ji Fengyan nodded.

The ancient dragon’s head withdrew a little, but its gaze lingered on the quivering Xiao Tuanzi.

“You really are a ferocious little girl. You even dare to secretly kidnap such a small Demon King. Aren’t you afraid that the demons will swallow you? You should know that to the demons, this little fellow is even more tempting than you Terminators. If any demon eats it, it will immediately gain the power of a Demon King.”

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