Chapter 736 - Farewell (2)

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Chapter 736: Farewell (2)

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Young Demon Kings were very frail, but their bodies were imbued with a demonic power that on a par with that of a Demon King. They did not have great self-preservative powers, and in the years in which they were growing to maturity, their fighting strength was weaker than low-level demons. This was the time in which they were most easily killed. At the same time, their existence was a great temptation to the demons. To say nothing of other issues, even the leaking of a young Demon King’s breath would attract tens of thousands of demons to fight over it.

The ancient dragon had always felt that Ji Fengyan was crazy, but… it never imagined her to be that crazy.

Xiao Tuanzi was still immature and did not quite understand the ancient dragon’s meaning. However, it did hear a sentence that it understood.

[Eat it.]

“Boohoohoo… I don’t want to be eaten. Mother, save me…” Xiao Tuanzi was so frightened that it used all its might to burrow into Ji Fengyan’s arms. Tears as large as beans soaked Ji Fengyan’s clothes.

When she saw that the little fellow was crying so hard it was almost breathless, Ji Fengyan lifted her hand and slapped the ancient dragon’s head.

“I already said not to scare it. It’s very timid.” When she had spoken, she patiently cajoled Xiao Tuanzi.

Ji Fengyan’s slap had left the ancient dragon rather dazed. But what made it even more dazed was what Xiao Tuanzi had called Ji Fengyan.

“M-Mother?” The ancient dragon’s eyes almost popped out of its head.

Ji Fengyan swept a glance at the ancient dragon and said grumpily, “I don’t have a stupid son like you.”

“…” The ancient dragon felt as if it had suffered a severe loss. Although it tried to say a few words to defend itself, it could not help but feel a little guilty when it saw that it had frightened Xiao Tuanzi so much that the latter had curled up into a ball to cry.

To the ancient dragon, the demons could hardly count as an enemy. It seemed rather unkind to frighten this little fellow who belonged to someone else.

It was with great difficulty that Ji Fengyan finally consoled Xiao Tuanzi, who had cried itself breathless. Then only could she gather her thoughts to have a good talk with the ancient dragon.

“I’m returning to the capital tomorrow.”

The moment the ancient dragon heard this, it immediately arched its head proudly. “Hmm, you better not hope that I’ll carry you back. I definitely will not. Unless you give me huge batches of precious stones. Then perhaps I’ll consider it.”

The corners of Ji Fengyan’s mouth twitched.

This greedy dragon had no principles!

She drew a deep breath and suppressed the emotions that were bursting from her heart. Then she gathered her thoughts and said seriously, “Don’t worry. I won’t need you to send me back this time.”

“Ah?” The ancient dragon was clearly dumbfounded.

“You really don’t need me to send you back? But… if you think that precious stones are hard to come by… I… could make a do… with some gold.”

Clearly it was unwilling to miss an opportunity to fleece Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan looked at the ancient dragon wordlessly, and the ancient dragon guilty dropped its eyes.

“Thank you for all your help in the past. This time, I came to visit you in order to bid you farewell.” Ji Fengyan sighed helplessly.

“Farewell?” The ancient dragon was slightly taken aback. It obviously did not understand the meaning behind Ji Fengyan’s words.

When Ji Fengyan saw the ancient dragon’s bumbling look, her heart softened involuntarily. Summoning it had been an accident, but she could not deny that other than being rather greedy for wealth, this dragon had been very reliable. It was just that…

The words Chang Pu had spoken earlier involuntarily reappeared in Ji Fengyan’s mind.

Because of men’s greed, the ancient dragon that had been loyal to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon had been flayed and dismembered, to be transformed into magical weapons. Ji Fengyan… was unwilling to let history repeat itself with this greedy dragon.

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