Chapter 737 - Farewell (3)

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Chapter 737: Farewell (3)

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Men’s desires knew no bounds. Even Terminators were just pawns in the Kingdom’s fight against the demons. They would discover the ancient dragon sooner or later if it continued to follow her.

The ancient dragon had already vanished from sight for too long. Even Ji Fengyan could not guarantee its safety once news of its reappearance emerged.

“All good things end. Thank you for all the help you have given me. I have troubled you for such a long time, it is time to say goodbye. You need not follow me anymore, continue your own carefree life.” Ji Fengyan looked up and grinned at the ancient dragon.

This money-grubbing dragon was so greedy—she would be heartbroken if it was lured into a trap by the promise of gold.

The ancient dragon stood in a daze for a moment before finally understanding Ji Fengyan’s words. It felt somewhat flustered.

“Wait, I… I haven’t done anything wrong recently. How could you be so petty, chasing me off just because I made a couple of harmless comments? If… if you really take offense to that, then I take back my earlier words. I won’t call you a cheat,” The ancient dragon said hastily.

Ji Fengyan gave a bitter laugh as she shook her head. “I don’t mean it that way, but…”

Left with no choice, Ji Fengyan shared the sad fate of that Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon’s ancient dragon.

The ancient dragon was extremely shocked after listening to her narration. It never imagined that its own kind had suffered such terrible treatment.

“You are very powerful, but humans are devious and they outnumber you. The moment they set their sights on you, you will lose all freedom. Go back to your own place. It will be safe there.” Ji Fengyan looked at the ancient dragon with some sadness. It must be said that after going through so many trials with it, she couldn’t really bear to see it leave now.


Before she recovered her full powers, she could not have the ancient dragon by her side.

It was too dangerous for it.

The ancient dragon fell into a deep silence. It looked at Ji Fengyan for some time before speaking.

“I have lived a long life… very long… I have… not met another one of my kind, or anyone I can relate to for a long time.”

The rarity of ancient dragons resulted in their isolated lives. Since a young age, it had never been in contact with any other living creatures. The first person it had met that it could relate to was Ji Fengyan. This person who would give it sparkling treasures, coax it to help, and even bicker with it.

All that ruckus made its heart…

Feel somewhat less lonely.

Ji Fengyan looked in amazement at that ancient dragon. She had never heard it speak of such matters.

Setting her jaw, Ji Fengyan retrieved a jade pendant from her Space Soul Jade. She used a long red thread to tie the pendant to the ancient dragon’s claw.

“This thing allows you to communicate with me. If I manage to… cast aside all these worldly matters in the future, I will contact you with this. You can also activate it to talk to me whenever you miss me.”

As much as she couldn’t bear to, she had no choice.

Ji Fengyan was still rather lost. After realizing her true identity and situation, she was still contemplating how to continue living in this world. She was totally unable to ensure the safety of the ancient dragon now.

The ancient dragon raised its claw and looked at that thin red thread. Without another word, it regurgitated a red-colored, round-shaped jewel. Using the tip of its nose, it nudged the jewel before Ji Fengyan.

“This will help you overcome dangers.” The ancient dragon gave Ji Fengyan one last look before stretching out its wings and flying off into the sky.

This was farewell. Who knew when they would meet again.

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