Chapter 738 - Capital City, I Am Back (1)

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Chapter 738: Capital City, I Am Back (1)

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Ji Fengyan looked at the jewel given to her by the ancient dragon and realized that it possessed an extremely strong dragon aura. The energy flowed into Ji Fengyan’s palm and entered her body. She could feel her inner core being rapidly repaired. Although the rate of replenishment was not as fast as that triggered by the bone of the demon god, it was a much gentler force. The results far exceeded any treasures that Ji Fengyan had tried before. It was even better than the demons’ Tree of the Flowing Bloodshed.

This greedy dragon was really something, giving her something so good before it left.

“Don’t tell me this is the dragon’s inner core…” Ji Feng Man’s imagination was running wild.

In the legends, every ancient dragon held a dragon core within its body. That core possessed strong powers—although it couldn’t bring a dead person back to life, it could enhance a normal person’s abilities to an elite level.

No one knew what happened to the core of the Kingdom’s ancient dragon after its death.

With this jewel, Ji Fengyan’s energy was partially replenished. If she continued to use it in her cultivation, there was good hope that her inner core would recover!

Ji Fengyan couldn’t help feeling rather excited at that thought.


Xiao Tuanzi turned purple with agony when it felt that dragon aura. The energy on that jewel was too strong for a demon.

Ji Fengyan quickly kept the jewel in her Space Soul Jade and patted the frightened Xiao Tuanzi. She then turned back to the camp.

But after she returned, Linghe told her…

Liu Huo had left.

Before leaving, he had Linghe pass the message to Ji Fengyan that he had something he needed to do. He would return after settling that matter.

Ji Fengyan couldn’t help giving a faint smile. This fellow was still so willful.

Ji Fengyan had long gotten used to Liu Huo’s sudden comings and goings. Without giving it another thought, she went to sleep with Xiao Tuanzi. The next morning, she left Lu Shaoqing in charge of Moonset Valley and set off to the capital city with Linghe and a dozen new soldiers.

What she didn’t know was that the Grand Tutor, who had been missing from the capital city for several months, had reappeared in the city just before her and met with the Emperor.

Ji Fengyan was unaware of all that. Without the ancient dragon, their traveling time had slowed down considerably.

Ji Fengyan was in no hurry. Along the way, she continued to use the jewel left behind by the ancient dragon to cultivate. Her broken inner core was being replenished rapidly and the rate of recovery pleased her deeply. Moreover…

Ji Fengyan could feel that the demon god living in her body seemed to be more well-behaved when she used that jewel to cultivate. The dragon aura had an obvious suppressive effect on demons.

Traveling at a leisurely speed, Ji Fengyan arrived at the capital seven days after the 15-day deadline set by the Emperor.

Despite her unhurried pace, Ji Fengyan had actually not wasted much time. It was just that the Emperor had set too short a time limit for the journey. Apart from riding the ancient dragon, it was impossible to make it back by the deadline.

“Mistress, we are reaching the capital city soon.” Linghe had notified Ji Fengyan before entering the city.

Ji Fengyan lifted the window shades of the horse carriage. She narrowed her eyes as she surveyed the city.

Nothing good ever came out of any trip back here.

“Let’s head back to the Ji residence first,” Ji Fengyan said.

“Got it.” Linghe urged the horse carriage forward and entered the main gates of the capital city. The carriage quickly moved in the direction of the Ji residence.

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