Chapter 739 - Capital City, I Am Back (2)

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Chapter 739: Capital City, I Am Back (2)

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Inside the Ji residence, Ji Ru sat at the head seat, while Ji He and Ji Qiu were situated at the two sides of the hall. Ji Linglong, although she was the third generation of the Ji family, was a representative of the head of the family and sat together with Ji He and the rest. She lowered her head and reached out to pet her well-behaved Little Snow.

“It’s about time. Fengyan will probably return soon.” Ji Ru slowly raised his head and gazed at the entrance of the hall.

Out of fear, Ji He dared not say a single word but just nodded and smiled.

Ji Qiu looked grave. He had been in a depression since Ji Ru had publicly taken over his status as head of the family. Although no one dared to defy him in the slightest even now, still… his ascension towards the top seat of the Ji family had been brutally cut off.

Since Ji Ru’s return, he had regained power over the Ji family and cleared the evil tendencies of the family. During this period, Ji Qingshang didn’t dare to step into the Ji residence without reason, offering the family some peace.

“Linglong, have you ordered the servants to prepare Fengyan’s room?” Ji Ru asked Ji Linglong.

Ji Linglong rose and answered, “I have already had the servants tidy up the room. Don’t worry, Father.”

Ji Ru nodded in satisfaction. He raised his eyes. “Fengyan has achieved a great victory at the Plain of Corpses and is returning to the capital city on the orders of the Emperor. All of you are to behave and not give me any trouble, do you understand?”

Ji Ru looked sharply at Ji Qiu and Ji He as he said this.

Ji He shuddered and nodded in haste.

“I understand and will follow your orders.”

Ji Qiu nodded silently, with no other response.


After keeping quiet for a moment, Ji Qiu looked at Ji Ru.

“Father, do we really need to protect Ji Fengyan like that? His Majesty…”

Ji Ru frowned and raised his hand to interrupt Ji Qiu.

“As I said before, Ji Fengyan is the glory of the Ji family. I don’t wish to repeat myself again.”

Ji Qiu clenched his fists quietly. He could only swallow his unspoken words.

After a short while, news of Ninth Mistress’ return was received.

Ji Ru immediately had his men invite her in.

Several months had passed since Ji Fengyan left looking like a half-grown young child. On her return, she now displayed the demeanor of a young lady. She walked into the hall casually and immediately greeted Ji Ru.

“Grandfather, I am back.”

Ji Ru smiled contentedly and nodded. “It must have been a long and tiring journey. Your great achievements in the Plain of Corpses have brought much glory to the Ji family.”

“Grandfather, you are too kind.” As she gazed at Ji Ru’s familiar face, Ji Fengyan ended up subconsciously merging his features with that of her Grandmaster.

“Are you tired out by your journey?” Ji Ru asked again.

Ji Fengyan shook her head. She had been in the horse carriage and concentrating on cultivating during the entire trip here. She was so excited that she felt not the least bit fatigued.

“If you are not tired, go visit your tutor. He has not been well these past few days. As his student, you should show him some concern,” Ji Ru advised.

Ji Fengyan was slightly startled. She felt Ji Ru’s words were rather abrupt. Nevertheless, she maintained a calm expression and assented.

“Then I will go look at the tutor first, before going to visit with Grandfather later.”

Ji Ru waved her off. “Please go.”

Ji Fengyan left the hall with doubts swirling in her heart. Linghe also felt the situation was somewhat strange. He murmured. “What does the Ji family head mean? Why did he ask you to go find Ye Yuan the moment you arrived?”

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