Chapter 742 - Conspiracy (2)

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Chapter 742: Conspiracy (2)

Ji Fengyan looked at Ye Yuan with a warm feeling in her heart. She was not that close to Ye Yuan or Ji Ru, but they had chosen to stand on her side at this moment.

“Tutor, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave now,” Ji Fengyan said.

Ye Yuan nodded.

Ji Fengyan exited respectfully and closed the door behind her.

Still standing guard outside, Linghe immediately stepped forward the minute he saw Ji Fengyan emerge.

“Mistress, what happened?”

Ji Fengyan said, “Bring everyone out of the city now. Wait for me at the royal cemetery outside the city.”

“Ah?” Linghe was momentarily stunned.

What was Ji Fengyan intending to do?

Linghe wanted to ask further, but Ji Fengyan did not wish to say more. Linghe had no choice but to do as he was told. Ji Fengyan also departed.

Shortly after Ji Fengyan left, Ji Ru appeared outside Ye Yuan’s room. He entered to see Ye Yuan packing up.

“Have you explained everything to her?” Ji Ru asked Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan gave a bitter laugh. “Your granddaughter is stubborn. I already laid everything out clearly for her, but that girl refused to accept our arrangements.”

Ji Ru frowned and looked conflicted.

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Ye Yuan patted Ji Ru’s shoulder.

“In the end, you just can’t bear the sacrifice. But the Emperor would be enraged if she left. He would immediately know that the Ji family had leaked the news. By then, you wouldn’t be able to protect the Ji family even if you tried.”

Ji Ru remained expressionless. “I already sacrificed once.”

Ye Yuan was stunned. He suddenly understood the meaning behind Ji Ru’s statement.

“That year, I was the chosen one. But my elder brother took my place and bore the burden.” Ji Ru’s frown deepened.

Everyone thought that Ji Yun was his son, but in reality… that was not the case.

The man who was supposed to become the true head of the Ji family, had instead taken his place and suffered the cruelties at hand, leaving behind his child, Ji Yun. Meanwhile, Ji Ru now stood at the head of the Ji family and held all the power…

Ji Ru didn’t like returning to the Ji residence. Every time he came back, he was constantly reminded of his own weakness and that person’s casual smile.

He was unwilling to get close to Ji Yun and Ji Fengyan as he knew their eventual fate.

He would not feel the pain if he maintained his distance.

“I couldn’t save Ji Yun, but Fengyan is still young… she has yet to activate her World-Termination-Armour. I don’t wish to let her be a repeat of this tragedy.” Ji Ru clenched his fists quietly. He had been hiding all life, he no longer wished to do so this time.

Ye Yuan patted Ji Ru’s shoulder understandingly. “I think Fengyan is smarter that Ji Yun. Maybe she has a solution. She didn’t choose the road you offered her, probably… probably because she didn’t want to drag both you and Linglong down.”

Only these two persons within the Ji family mattered to Ji Fengyan.

Ji Ru’s expression cleared.

“I am leaving the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon today,” Ye Yuan said with a sigh.

Ji Ru nodded. Ye Yuan had already helped him a lot all these years.

Just as Ji Ru would bid Ye Yuan farewell, there was a sudden knock on the door. Ji Linglong’s voice sounded out from the other side.

“Grandfather, bad news! Fengyan has gone to the royal palace. She’s going to meet His Majesty!”

Ji Ru’s mind was blown!

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