Chapter 743 - Conspiracy (3)

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Chapter 743: Conspiracy (3)

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Ji Fengyan stood before the huge palace gates as the General of the Wolf Smoke Regiment. Shortly after a guard transmitted news of her arrival, the Emperor agreed to meet with her. She then followed a palace servant into the grounds.

The face of the servant leading Ji Fengyan into the palace was wreathed in smiles. He was polite and respectful and didn’t forget to sing some praises of her.

Ji Fengyan just maintained a bland smile, while a million thoughts swirled in her mind.

In her eyes, the magnificent palace was a pit full of conspiracies.

Ji Ru and Ye Yuan must have known something. That’s why they had advised her to leave.


Ji Fengyan would be an ungrateful wrench if she really left just like that.

Even though Ji Ru said he could protect the Ji family, but… Ji Fengyan knew that if she were to leave immediately after just arriving at the capital city, the Emperor would instantly understand what happened. By then, the Ji family would not be able to redeem themselves.

Ji Fengyan couldn’t care less about the life and death of the rest of the Ji family.

But she must protect Ji Linglong and Ji Ru.


Ji Fengyan was unwilling to sneak away like a coward. She must get to the bottom of everything. Even if she were to leave, it wouldn’t be under such “easy” circumstances.

As Ji Fengyan followed the servant, she felt that there was something not right with their route.

“This is not the direction leading towards the grand hall?” Ji Fengyan asked the smiling servant.

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The servant replied pleasantly, “General Ji is smart. His Majesty said that General Ji had just endured a tough battle and meeting her at the grand hall would be too stiff and impersonal. Hence, he had arranged to meet with General over a meal in the garden.”

Ji Fengyan was smirking on the inside, but revealed nothing on her face. “Then I must really thank His Majesty for his kindness.”

“General is too polite. You have helped the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon regain a major piece of territory. His Majesty is full of praises and admiration of you.”

Ji Fengyan smiled but remained silent.

The servant led Ji Fengyan into the back garden, where a meal was set out under a pavilion. A few palace maids stood by the pavilion and welcomed Ji Fengyan.

“Would General Ji please wait here for a moment. His Majesty will arrive soon,” The servant said with a smile before personally pouring a glass of wine for her.

“General, please have a drink to warm up.”

Ji Fengyan received the glass and looked at the mellow wine with a smile. She gave a fleeting glance at the servant before tipping back her head and draining the wine.

“General, please wait here while I invite His Majesty over.” The servant eyed Ji Fengyan’s empty glass and smiled. He retreated.

A gentle breeze blew across the garden. Ji Fengyan’s pale face blushed red from the wine.

She propped up her chin while sitting in the pavilion. Perhaps lulled by the breeze, her eyelids felt rather heavy and fluttered. In the next instant, Ji Fengyan had fallen asleep.

The moment Ji Fengyan slumped over at the table, the two maids by the pavilion stepped forth and gently nudged her on the shoulder. They called her a few times but got no reaction.

With that, the two maids gave a whistle!

A troop of fully-armed guards suddenly marched into the garden!

Dressed in luxurious garb, the Eldest Princess appeared in front of the troops. She smirked at the unconscious Ji Fengyan.

“So what if she’s a Terminator? She still is unable to withstand my sleeping potion. Men, lock up this criminal Ji Fengyan in the prisons, where she will await judgment by His Majesty!”

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