Chapter 774 - The Bet Continues (1)

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Chapter 774: The Bet Continues (1)

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Everyone was ashen. The Eldest Princess’s face turned pale in an instant. Terror and despair were written on her pallid face. When she looked at the smiling Ji Fengyan, holding the evil-vanquishing sword, it was as if she was seeing an evil demon that demanded her life.

“No… I beg you… don’t do this…” It was as if the Eldest Princess sensed what would happen to her next. She cried bitterly as she looked at Ji Fengyan. The agony in her hands continually reminded her that the status she was so proud of—the Eldest Princess of the royal family—meant nothing to Ji Fengyan.

“I beg you… I was wrong… I really know that I was wrong…” The Eldest Princess looked at Ji Fengyan in fear. Her terror was so great, she was like a crazy person who had lost all reason.

Ji Fengyan looked smilingly at the crazed Eldest Princess. Her expression betrayed neither joy nor anger.

“Based on our bet, I am now going to exercise my rights.” Under the bright sunlight, the evil-vanquishing sword shimmered with a blinding cold light. The cold light entered the Eldest Princess’s sight inch by inch, like a nightmare that had descended upon her.

No matter what the Eldest Princess said or did, it was now too late. Earlier, she had repeatedly tried to get rid of Ji Fengyan, and gone out of her way to kill Ji Fengyan. Now the enmity between her and Ji Fengyan could not be resolved.

Ji Fengyan’s good nature had made the Eldest Princess mistakenly think she could get rid of Ji Fengyan as easily as she had gotten rid of people who had bothered her in the past. But this time…

The Eldest Princess had made a mistake.

A terrible mistake. But now, nothing could make up for what she had done.

The Eldest Princess panted heavily. When she looked at Ji Fengyan’s eyes that seemed to smile, but which were actually filled with a murderous aura, it was as if she was looking at death.

Ji Fengyan did not intend to give her any chance of survival.

Suddenly, the Eldest Princess raised her head. As if crazed, she said to the group of Elders and the tens of thousands of guards, “You bunch of useless fools! Hurry and save me! If I die, my royal father will never forgive you! Why talk about betting with a convict like her. Kill her, hurry and kill her!!”

The despair of impending death made the Eldest Princess sink completely into insanity. She screamed and yelled crazily like a wild beast.

As the piercing sounds of her scolding entered their ears, the leader of the guards and the others felt even more pressurized.

All the Elders frowned involuntarily.

They had an agreement with the Emperor that they would help the Emperor whenever he needed them. Today, they had fulfilled their promises.

Duan Muxi, Lin Qiang, Master Wan—all of them had tried their best. They had fought Ji Fengyan with no regard for their reputation or glory. Although they had been defeated, they retained their honor.

To them, their reputation was of paramount importance; For them to fight a young teen-aged girl already seemed like bullying. But now, after they had lost three successive rounds, they had clearly seen Ji Fengyan’s inscrutable power.

Although they had been willing to stake their reputations on this bet, in the Eldest Princess’s mouth, it had become a joke. She spoke of them as nothing but useless fools.

The group of venerable Elders were naturally displeased.

Ji Fengyan looked at the Eldest Princess, who was barking like a crazed dog. She pursed her lips together disinterestedly. The evil-vanquishing sword in her hand suddenly struck!

In an instant, the Eldest Princess’s two hands suddenly fell to the ground.

Extreme agony made the Eldest Princess give a heart-rending wail. Suspended in mid-air, she struggled crazily. Blood spurted from her wounds.

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