Chapter 775 - The Bet Continues (2)

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Chapter 775: The Bet Continues (2)

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“Kill her! Hurry and kill her!” The Eldest Princess’s shrieks resounded throughout the palace.

The group of Elders looked ill.

The leader of the guards could wait no longer. He suddenly mobilized his troops, and prepared to attack Ji Fengyan.


Ji Fengyan raised her brows when she looked at the troops that were poised for action. She held the evil-vanquishing sword to the Eldest Princess’s neck.

An icy feeling spread through the Eldest Princess’s tender neck and instantly halted her cursing.

Through half-closed eyes, Ji Fengyan swept a glance at the troops that were preparing to attack. The corners of her mouth curled in a trace of a malicious smile.

“Those who break the rules of the bet will be punished. If you are not interested in continuing, then… I’ll cut off her head now.”

Ji Fengyan’s lips were smiling, but her words made their hair stand on end.

The leader of the guards, who was about to attack, immediately froze to the spot. The heavy sword in his hand trembled slightly. “Halt. Nobody is to act rashly!” He hurriedly stopped his subordinates from attacking.

Ji Fengyan held the Eldest Princess tightly in her clutches. The leader of the guards did not dare to act rashly. Ji Fengyan had made her attitude clear.

If the bet continued, the Eldest Princess still had a chance of survival.

But if they attacked, Ji Fengyan would immediately cut off the Eldest Princess’s head.

With the Eldest Princess being held hostage, the tens of thousands of guards did not dare to advance for fear of costing the Eldest Princess her life.

Everyone knew that the Eldest Princess was the daughter the Emperor doted on the most. No one dared to be responsible for the Eldest Princess’s death.

They had thought that if they surrounded Ji Fengyan, they would control the situation. Who would have thought that they would be restricted instead?

“Retreat. Everyone, retreat.” The leader of the guards turned pale and issued his orders to the guards behind him. He looked at Ji Fengyan frantically and said, “General Ji, we won’t move and we guarantee that we won’t attack. You may continue with your bet, we will definitely not disturb it in any way. Please don’t harm Her Royal Highness.”

Ji Fengyan smilingly watched the guard’s retreat step by step. Her smile deepened.

“That’s more like it.”

The leader of the guards felt like crying.

To be forced into this state by the threats of a young teen-aged girl was an embarrassment he had never experienced in his life.


One must bow to circumstances!

At that moment, the leader of the guards’ only hope rested on the group of Elders. He looked at the frowning Master Yue with utmost respect.

“Master Yue, the Eldest Princess’s life is in your hands. His Majesty has already issued an ultimatum that we are to rescue the Eldest Princess, no matter what. Please, will the Elders help to win the next round?”

The leader of the guards spoke with utmost sincerity.

But the group of Elders looked gloomy.

Were they not eager to win too?

They had staked the reputation of the entire group of Elders to fight a young teen-aged girl.

They would gain absolutely no glory if they won.

But if they lost, their accomplishments of a half a lifetime would be immediately destroyed.

But the present circumstances were already beyond the control of these powerful Elders.

In the three major battles, Ji Fengyan had defeated two of them while seated on the stone elephant’s back. Master Wan, their last bargaining chip, had been easily captured by Ji Fengyan.

Three extremely powerful men had used all they had learnt in their lifetime, but had not been able to harm even a hair on Ji Fengyan’s head.

If news of this got out, the elders would become everyone’s laughing stock.

“We will try our best.” Master Yue said, as he put on a bold face. But his words were full of helplessness.

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