Chapter 776 - The Bet Continues (3)

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Chapter 776: The Bet Continues (3)

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The leader of the guards knew very well how difficult it was to deal with Ji Fengyan. But now they had no choice.

“Then I shall have to trouble the Masters.”

Master Yue waved his hand, his face filled with helplessness. He looked at the masters from the group of Elders who had not yet fought. But almost everyone who met Master Yue’s gaze had a helpless expression.

If even Master Wan had lost, who among them could take on this difficult task?

All of them were elite fighters. They only need to exchange a few blows to gauge the disparity in skills between themselves and an opponent. In a battle with a demon like Ji Fengyan, none of them had any hope of winning.

No one wanted to fight; To fight was to lose.

As everyone was forced to retreat, Master Yue had no choice but to brace himself and choose one of them.

This man had a dignified look. Although he was past fifty, his eyes were bright and piercing. Despite his beard being peppered with white, he showed no sign of old age. The heavy sword on his back was extremely sharp.

“Master Lan…”

Master Lan, who had been chosen, laughed wryly.

“Master Yue, even Master Wan has been defeated. Even if I fight, the results will not be satisfactory.”

Master Yue naturally understood. “I know, but… we have to finish the entire bet, or we cannot justify ourselves to His Majesty in the future.”

The life of the Eldest Princess was like a large mountain, crushing the group of Elders. They did not wish to fight, but they had no choice.

Otherwise, it would be tantamount to watching her die without lifting a finger.

Master Lan sighed heavily. Left without a choice, he removed the heavy sword from his back and advanced. When he looked at Ji Fengyan, his expression was full of helplessness and weakness.

“Miss Ji, I’ll take you on for this round.”

Ji Fengyan nodded slightly. The burly man standing by her side swept a glance at Master Lan, and immediately said, “This is Master Lan, the top swordsman in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Rumor has it that he has attained the level of Divine Swordsman. You…”

The burly man was about to advise Ji Fengyan to be cautious when fighting him, but recalled that Ji Fengyan had successively defeated three extremely powerful fighters. He immediately swallowed his advice.

Very well then.

He felt that it was Master Lan who should be cautious.

When the burly man and the little old man had found out that the Elders were going to act, they had been prepared to die. But after Ji Fengyan had successively defeated three of them, their feelings experienced a complete upheaval.

Terror had been transformed into a strange form of sympathy.

Sympathy for the group of elders.

“If I were one of the Elders, I would have cursed all the ancestors of the Emperor long ago. Their hard-won fame, that took so many years to build, will be utterly destroyed now.” The little old man smoothed his beard, his expression filled with emotion.

The burly man nodded silently.

Thirteen of the top fighters took turns to fight an ignorant fifteen-year-old girl.

When word got out, people would think it was beneath the dignity of the Elders. But what was even more tragic was that they could not defeat her…

Their reputations had truly fallen with a crash.

They would have no more reputation left.

The little old man’s words reflected the thoughts of the Elders.

If they had known that they would one day meet a demon like Ji Fengyan, they would not have answered the Emperor’s invitation, or joined the group of Elders, even if they were beaten to death.

Their reputation was more important than those tempting terms!

Ji Fengyan was tickled to see Master Lan, who looked as if he was steeling himself to face death. She jumped down from the stone elephant’s back and took the heavy sword that she had not used for sometime from the Space Soul Jade.

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