Chapter 777 - The Battle of the Swordsmen (1)

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Chapter 777: The Battle of the Swordsmen (1)

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This single-handed sword was given to Ji Fengyan by Ye Yuan. It was just that she had added so many bells and whistles to it that the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth twitched to see that sword.

Master Lan’s expression cracked when he saw that single-handed sword with a long white tail trailing behind it.

He had never seen such an overly ornate heavy sword.

Nevertheless, Master Lan quickly regained his composure. Anyway, it didn’t matter what Ji Fengyan took out now, it would not change his eventual defeat.

With a get-it-over-and-done-with mentality, Master Lan raised his own heavy sword and dashed towards Ji Fengyan.

Master Lan held a single-handed sword. The heft of that sword alone was already a terrifying sight. The sword aura engulfing Master Lan glowed red and spread across the entire blade. It looked as if the whole sword had been set ablaze.

Ji Fengyan raised her own sword to meet him.

An ear-piercing sound rang out as the swords clashed against each other.

Ji Fengyan was actually pushed back a few meters by this blow!

Master Lan had already been mentally prepared to be killed off by Ji Fengyan in one shot. He never expected to force her backwards with his attack. As they exchanged moves, Master Lan could feel Ji Fengyan’s inexperience in swordplay. She did not have the slightest bit of technique. It could be said that she was only as good as a beginner swordsman.

Master Lan’s eyes lit up with this discovery.

Ji Fengyan had no intention of using sorcery or summoning spells against Master Lan. This realization stunned the Elders!

Although they were not born swordsmen, Master Yue and the rest were still elite-level practitioners and could clearly discern the huge disparity between Ji Fengyan’s and Master Lan’s swordplay skills.

At that moment, hope blazed in their hearts.

“Master Lan!” Master Yue couldn’t help calling out.

Master Lan snapped out of his reverie and met Master Yue’s eyes. Confidence rose in him and he nodded before carrying out a fluid attack upon Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan totally could not counterattack with her single-handed sword. She could only defend passively while Master Lan gave his all. A divine-level swordsman was not something a beginner like Ji Fengyan could handle.

Fortunately, Ji Fengyan had a strong foundation and even though she was not skilled in swordplay, she could still protect herself.

As Master Lan watched her nimble movements, he suddenly halted. Ji Fengyan also caught her breath.

This sudden change in the situation had the burly man and the little old man dumbfounded.

Had Ji Fengyan been entrapped by a disadvantage?

And a very obvious one at that.

Was this girl crazy?

Why was she not using her powerful sorcery and summoning skills, but instead relying on her heavy sword!

Engaging a divine-level swordsman in swordplay—did she have a death wish?

At this moment, Master Lan suddenly focused all of his sword aura. A dazzling red light covered his heavy sword like a blade born out of fire. The sword aura radiating from it was intense and all-consuming.

“Flaming Sword!!” The burly man gasped when he saw that blood-red sword.

The Flaming Sword was a deadly sword technique that could only be carried out by divine-level swordsmen. One strike was enough to shatter the hardest metals!

“Girl! Be careful!!” The burly man shouted in a low voice.

In that instant, Master Lan directed all his sword aura and slashed it viciously in Ji Fengyan’s direction!

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