Chapter 778 - The Battle of the Swordsmen (2)

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Chapter 778: The Battle of the Swordsmen (2)

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The blood-red sword aura had morphed into a fiery blaze which shot out in the direction of the slashing motion like a surging fire dragon.

The intense sword aura created a strong wind tunnel which blew against Ji Fengyan’s long hair.

In that instant, everyone held their hearts in their mouths.

With a loud boom, a massive explosion went off within the palace. The strong sword aura had lifted the dirt off the ground, causing the air to swirl with dust.

Master Lan was panting slightly as he maintained his stance. He stared unwavering at the dust-covered air before him.

The guard captain was drenched in sweat and clenching his fists tightly. He opened his eyes as wide as he could, staring fixedly at the scene before him.

“We won?” One of the Elders suddenly spoke up.

Master Yue was unable to tear his eyes off the battleground. He had never felt so nervous before.

Everyone was waiting.

Waiting for the dust to settle.

As the dirt settled, a slender figure could be seen half-squatting within the dust cloud, looking utterly defeated.

The guard captain shouted excitedly the moment he saw that figure.

We won!

Master Lan won!

Master Lan slowly relaxed and straightened his body.

But what he saw next completely froze all the blood in his body.

The moment the dust settled, a perfectly unharmed Ji Fengyan was crouching with one knee on the ground. She held her lightweight evil-vanquishing sword before her, which was radiating sunlight. The shining light reflected Ji Fengyan’s faint smile.

How was that possible!!

Everyone had widened their eyes in disbelief. A direct blow by the divine-level Flaming Sword would cause severe injuries to even practitioners of the same level.

Ji Fengyan slowly stood up. Although her clothes were covered in dust, she had not the slightest bit of injuries on her. She looked at her single-handed sword and smiled.

“I still can’t get used to this thing.”

That nonchalant tone was like a massive rock crushing onto the chests of everybody.

As the crowd stared dumbfounded, Ji Fengyan kept her single-handed sword, before displaying some swordplay with her evil-vanquishing sword.

“You are still better for me to use.”

Following that, Ji Fengyan slashed down her evil-vanquishing sword and faced the stunned Master Lan. “Let’s go again.”

Master Lan widened his eyes and stared at Ji Fengyan, who was totally unharmed despite taking a direct hit from his Flaming Sword. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

The hope which had earlier blazed in the hearts of the Elders was extinguished at that very instant. They looked at Ji Fengyan like she was a monster.

“Master Yue, what happened? What sword is Ji Fengyan using?” The panicky guard captain had walked to Master Yue’s side, his face full of unease.

For a moment just now, he had thought they finally won.

But Ji Fengyan was standing there in perfect health. It was as if nothing had happened.

The shock faded from Master Yue’s face. He frowned and stared at the evil-vanquishing sword in Ji Fengyan’s hands.

That sword was peculiar. It was entirely different from single-handed and double-handed swords. It was thin and light and didn’t seem to hold any sort of heft. It appeared exceedingly delicate and looked like an ornament rather than a weapon.

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