Chapter 779 - The Battle of the Swordsmen (3)

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Chapter 779: The Battle of the Swordsmen (3)

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Master Yue had never encountered such a sword before. He noticed that Ji Fengyan held this sword in her hands during her previous attacks, but he could not identify how it was being used.

“I don’t know. I have never seen it before,” Master Yue answered.

“Then… does Master Lan still have any hopes of winning?” The guard captain asked anxiously.

Master Yue hesitated before answering. “There should still be a chance at a victory if Ji Fengyan insists on using swordplay. With the level of swordplay she displayed just now, she is completely not in Master Lan’s league.”

At the end of the day, a weapon was only an aide. The talent of the user still limited the most powerful weapon in the world.

A god-level weapon in the hands of a normal person would not be as effective as a powerful practitioner wielding a piece of wood. This was the undeniable reality.

Although Master Yue was shocked to see Ji Fengyan completely unharmed—he discreetly heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that Ji Fengyan was still insisting on battling Master Lan using swordplay.

Ji Fengyan’s swordplay skills were very lousy, while Master Lan’s was that of a high-level practitioner.

They had a chance at a victory in this battle.

The guard captain felt more at ease after hearing Master Yue’s words.

Meanwhile, on the battlegrounds, Master Lan frowned at the flimsy evil-vanquishing sword in Ji Fengyan’s hands. His face was filled with dissent.

“Ji Fengyan, do you really want to use that sword to continue fighting me?” Master Lan wanted to win but… he did not wish to take unfair advantage of Ji Fengyan.

The evil-vanquishing sword in Ji Fengyan’s hands looked totally fragile. Its toy-like sword might just break in half with one blow of his own sword.

Ji Fengyan grinned at Master Lan and nodded confidently.

“That’s right, I am using this.”

Master Lan hesitated for some time as he struggled internally. However, as he glanced at the miserable-looking Eldest Princess, he finally steeled his heart.

“Then please, do not blame me.” With that, Master Lan raised his heavy sword and dashed towards Ji Fengyan.

Master Lan’s rapidly advancing figure was reflected in Ji Fengyan’s eyes. She suddenly smiled and effortlessly raised her evil-vanquishing sword. Her petite figure swerved slightly just as he came, successfully evading his attack. She raised her evil-vanquishing sword and slashed down upon the blade of Master Lan’s heavy sword!

The blades of the two swords connected in a direct impact!

A loud clanging sound rang out!

The tip of the evil-vanquishing sword pierced right above the sword handle. Master Lan suddenly felt a powerful energy surge from the sword handle into his own palm. That area gave off a strong vibration.

He immediately stepped back and looked incredulously at Ji Fengyan.

What was going on?

Ji Fengyan’s technique had completely changed?

Ji Fengyan held her evil-vanquishing sword with a grin. Her every movement appeared extremely elegant and relaxed. But that leisurely strike had given Master Lan an intense shock.

Master Lan instinctively looked down at his palm. A bloody wound had split open in the area that was in contact with the sword handle. Streaks of fresh blood had stained the handle.

Ji Fengyan held the evil-vanquishing sword across her brows and drew two fingers across its blade. A sound like the roar of a dragon reverberated within the palace grounds. She then used her feet to draw out an image on the ground.

“The forces of yin and yang morphing into Taiji, with softness I conquer hardness, with weakness I defeat strength!”

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