Chapter 780 - Taiji Swordplay (1)

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Chapter 780: Taiji Swordplay (1)

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Master Lan stared dumbfounded at Ji Fengyan. Nevertheless, the throbbing pain from his palm area was obvious.

How was this possible?

Ji Fengyan’s sword skills had changed completely. Her earlier handling of that single-handed sword was clumsy and inexperienced, but she appeared to have turned into a totally different person when wielding that evil-vanquishing sword.

Whether it was her footwork or sword technique—it had all undergone a 180-degree change.

What was even more unbelievable to Master Lan was the fact that he had never seen before the type of swordplay that Ji Fengyan just demonstrated.

The skills of the swordsmen in this world depended on strength to win, hence all their swords were extremely heavy. One had to be physically strong and tough to even move those heavy swords around, not to mention use them fluidly in battle.

As a result, swordsmen had to start practicing from a young age to master their sword techniques. It was impossible for other practitioners to use that weapon effectively.

Master Lan was a top swordsman and high-level practitioner. He was only one level away from being a sword god. There was no swordplay in this world that he didn’t know of.

But faced with Ji Fengyan’s sudden turnaround, he appeared astounded.

As said, Ji Fengyan’s sword skills had undergone a 180-degree change. Her technique was also very strange. It was unlike the usual slashing and thrusting actions used by swordsmen, but an agile slicing and jabbing motion.

As such, it was akin to the lancing techniques used by the horsemen.

Ji Fengyan looked at the astonished Master Lan with a smile.

“Master Lan, do offer me your guidance.”

Her tone was pleasant but also full of self-confidence.

Master Lan hastily calmed himself and cleared his head. Ji Fengyan’s earlier move might have been a fluke and should not be counted.

After recollecting himself, Master Lan dashed towards Ji Fengyan again!

This time, Master Lan’s sword aura was even more ferocious and the power infused into his heavy sword doubled.

One strike from his sword would shatter the hardest bones in a second.


Ji Fengyan continued standing at her original spot, not even moving her evil-vanquishing sword.

Just as Master Lan was about to chop down upon Ji Fengyan’s head, she suddenly swerved and drew an arc in the air with her evil-vanquishing sword. Following her hand, her sword met Master Lan’s heavy sword point to point!

One strong, one weak; One heavy, one light.

As the two completely different swords made contact, Master Lan focused all his energy unto the heavy sword. But a strange scene played out before his very eyes.

As his heavy sword continued pressing upon the evil-vanquishing sword, the latter gradually curved, absorbing the surging power of the heavy sword. Ji Fengyan then gave a slight tap of her fingers, which caused the flexible evil-vanquishing sword to uncoil like a snake and unleash the tremendous power that had been earlier absorbed from that heavy sword!

With a light snap of the evil-crushing sword, a loud roar traveled up the length of the heavy sword, accompanied by an earth-shattering vibration which permeated the entire sword.

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