Chapter 781 - Taiji Swordplay (2)

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Chapter 781: Taiji Swordplay (2)

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Master Lan was viciously stunned. He stared as that immense energy traveled from the tip of his heavy sword all the way to the sword handle. The tremendous shock wave caused such a huge vibration to the two-finger thick heavy sword that it appeared to have a shadow.

Just as that energy reached the sword handle, Master Lan instantly threw down his sword.

The moment the sword hit the floor, that powerful energy created a massive crack upon the ground as dirt and rock were shattered.

Dust flew as the sound of swords clanging reverberated through the air.

Master Lan stared fixedly at his fallen sword. If he had not let go in time, that energy would have been transmitted into his hand and completely destroyed it.

The heavy sword continued vibrating upon the ground for a while before finally coming to a stop. The mess created by that energy surrounded it.

The Elders and the guard captain had witnessed the entire scene clearly.

The guard captain was also a swordsman. Although not as exceptional as Master Lan, he was still pretty good.

As such, he was even more aware of just how brutal Ji Fengyan’s strike was.

It was an obviously flimsy sword and it didn’t appear as if she had used any strength. But not only had she dispelled Master Lan’s ferocious attack, she had also responded with a powerful counterattack.

If Master Lan had not thrown down his heavy sword, his entire arm—bones and all—would have shattered.

It was really…

A close call.

Earlier, the guard captain had been so anxious that he had wanted to urge the Elders to quickly subdue Ji Fengyan—but now he was speechless.

Master Lan had previously suppressed Ji Fengyan, but… after she had switched weapons to that weird-looking sword, the entire battle took a major turn. Ji Fengyan’s technique and swordplay had undergone a complete change after swapping her swords.

With just two moves.

She had stripped Master Lan of his weapon.

Master Yue instinctively closed his eyes and took a deep breath after witnessing the entire scene.

Master Lan had lost.

It was an abrupt defeat just when hope had emerged.

Still shaken, Master Lan looked at the heavy sword on the ground. He then looked up at Ji Fengyan with a stupefied gaze.

He had been obsessed with swordplay all his life to the extent that he became a loner. Having poured in decades’ worth of research and hard work, he had thought there was no one else in this world who was his match in swordplay. Never would he have thought… Ji Fengyan would defeat him.

Master Lan would have lost and accepted defeat with no grievances if Ji Fengyan had used sorcery or summoning skills.


Ji Fengyan had defeated Master Lan in swordplay—a skill he had been so proud of.

Master Lan had no excuse for his defeat.

After a long period of silence, Master Lan inhaled deeply. With trembling hands, he retrieved his sword with some tentativeness. He looked at Ji Fengyan and took another deep breath. “Miss Ji, I concede defeat.”

Ji Fengyan smiled. “Master Lan’s sword skills are very powerful. I enjoyed my fight with you.” Since this master was so polite, Ji Fengyan would naturally not be too harsh.

She had always been rather “amenable”.

Master Lan couldn’t help giving a bitter laugh on hearing her words.

“Miss Ji is too kind. It is my honor to have fought you,” Master Lan replied in all sincerity.

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