Chapter 785 - Things Will Be Interesting Only If We Continue (3)

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Chapter 785: Things Will Be Interesting Only If We Continue (3)

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Ji Fengyan dodged the quick array of arrows with unbridled movements. She did not let a single arrow cause her any injury.

Nonetheless, it appeared that the Elders had already discussed and expected such an outcome, and the sacred archer held no hope of taking down Ji Fengyan in this round. He just made use of the bow in his hands to force Ji Fengyan to waste her energies.

“The Elders are shameless.” Little old man couldn’t help scolding as he observed the change in strategy.

Master Yue and company were all top-tiered professionals, but had to resort to such tricks at this crucial moment.

The Elders heard the little old man’s cold admonishments.

His reprimand stunned the bunch of highly experienced and powerful practitioners.

This time, they were… Really quite shameless.

Knowing that they were not a match for Ji Fengyan but still hoping to save Eldest Princess, they were just desperately clutching onto the loophole that Ji Fengyan revealed herself. Taking turns to battle her consecutively so as to deplete her stamina.

The thought of this bunch of highly experienced seniors coming together to scheme against a 15-year-old young girl—it truly made them feel… very sheepish.

They pretended not to hear the rebuke.


Even in an energy-wasting match, Ji Fengyan’s powers were still enough to suppress anyone here. However, after the Elders changed their strategy, Ji Fengyan didn’t intend to continue using the abilities of an immortal cultivator to battle these practitioners. When she felt that things were about there, she would just blast him with a bolt of lightning.

Hopping all over the place, that sacred archer was forced into a frenzy by the lightning strikes. His clothes suffered burns any time he was the least bit careless. Dodging the increasingly dense number of lightning bolts, he dared not continue his energy-wasting battle strategy with Ji Fengyan, otherwise he would lose his life then and there.

The moment he felt that he could no longer go on, that sacred archer admitted defeat.

Ji Fengyan smirked nonchalantly and didn’t even bother replying him. She just raised her sword and shaved off another inch of Eldest Princess’ forearm.

This time, Eldest Princess gritted her teeth and bore the pain in silence. Her blood-shot eyes stared fixedly… at Ji Fengyan.

As long as she could last till the end, she would have Ji Fengyan torn to bits!

Amusement flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes when she caught a glimpse of Eldest Princess’ wrathful glare.

This was more like it.

Sticking to their plan to exhaust Ji Fengyan by subjecting her to endless fights in turn, the Elders dispatched several highly skilled practitioners one after another. They had a clear goal—they did not seek victory but just wished to deplete as much of Ji Fengyan’s stamina as possible. Everyone put in their best efforts to engage Ji Fengyan in energy-draining battles.

A bunch of elite practitioners scheming and plotting against a little girl and taking turns to tire her out—this battle was a complete loss of face for the group of Elders.

It was utterly demoralizing.

After the 11th bout, the two arms of the Eldest Princess had already been entirely chopped off. Her whole body was stained in blood, making her look hideously scary.

Nevertheless, her face continued to burn with resolution—towards the hope of survival, and towards hatred of Ji Fengyan. She gazed towards the final contender, Master Yue.

Ji Fengyan had fought 12 of the strongest practitioners consecutively. Even a god should not be able to withstand such an onslaught.

The final match. It was the final match now…

She would be saved soon!

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