Chapter 786 - : It Should End Now (1)

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Chapter 786: It Should End Now (1)

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The Eldest Princess had never looked so forward to a battle like she did now—She could almost visualize having Ji Fengyan under her foot after her rescue.

It didn’t matter that she no longer had her arms. As long as she was still alive, her father would definitely find the best gold cultivator to create new arms for her.

Hope swirled around the Eldest Princess’ mind. The eagerness in her eyes had already morphed into a feverish madness. In her crazed state, she was unable to comprehend the reality before her eyes.

In this last round, only Master Yue had yet to step up. They had used all sorts of ways to deplete Ji Fengyan’s energy, just waiting for an exhausted Ji Fengyan to reveal the slightest weakness.


Master Yue stood before the young girl, his eyes full of despair and bitterness.

Standing alone before the crowd, Ji Fengyan’s clothes were stained with dust and dirt, as well as a number of bloodstains. But… not a drop of that blood was hers.

The 13 elite practitioners from the Elders were taking turns to battle her with all their strength.

The outcome…

Was beyond what anyone had expected.

Even though Ji Fengyan’s clothes were stained with dirt and blood.

But her delicate face showed not the slightest sign of fatigue. Those smiling eyes were clearly burning with intense excitement.

How could the highly experienced Master Yue not realize by now that there was no way Ji Fengyan would reveal any weakness?

The battles had obviously stimulated her aggressiveness and the more she fought, the stronger she would become.

The hope in the hearts of the Elders had already been extinguished. Looking at Ji Fengyan’s intense battle aura, they knew… all their earlier efforts had been for naught.

No wonder…

No wonder Ji Fengyan had dared to point out the battle technique of exhausting your enemy’s right in front of everyone.

And they still thought they had finally discovered one last chance. Little did they know… Ji Fengyan dared to highlight that point only because she was confident of defeating the entire group of Elders.

In the face of absolute power, all that scheming and plotting appeared weak and useless.

The final round had yet to begin and Master Yue could already predict the result.

“Master Yue…” The guard captain seemed to have detected the seriousness of the situation. In this entire betting game, only Master Yue had yet to step up. If he also lost…

Master Yue looked helplessly at the guard captain—the hopeless expression on his face stunning the captain.

Master Yue didn’t speak a word but just stepped forward in resignation. He looked at Ji Fengyan who was holding her evil-vanquishing sword.

Each of the 12 battles had revealed another layer of Ji Fengyan’s capabilities. The more Master Yue saw, the less hope he held.

Sorcery, summoning skills, invisibility, swordplay… the abilities displayed by Ji Fengyan had already exceeded their knowledge of the powers of this world.

All the abilities that Ji Fengyan had displayed were of a phenomenal level.

Even scarier was the fact that she was highly proficient in everything. This miraculous phenomenon had utterly destroyed their notions of the powers in this world.

And Ji Fengyan was only 15 years old…

Was she really human?

Or a monster?

At this moment, no one dared to judge Ji Fengyan’s powers anymore.

Master Yue stepped up to the final battle with a stoic, yet resigned attitude. This round had yet to begin, but the outcome had already been set.

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