Chapter 787 - It Should End Now (2)

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Chapter 787: It Should End Now (2)

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“Miss Ji, please.” Master Yue spoke slowly in a tone full of resignation.

It was a terrible feeling being forced to enter a battle despite knowing he would be defeated.

Ji Fengyan grinned at Master Yue before glancing at the deranged Eldest Princess. She said, “I seek your kind guidance.”

Master Yue gave a bitter smile.

What right did he have to give her any guidance?

He would just be disgracing himself.

In the blink of an eye, the final battle began.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed upon Ji Fengyan in this bout.

The Elders had all been defeated by Ji Fengyan. They naturally knew that Master Yue was facing a sure-loss this time.

A sense of wonder had risen in the hearts of the Elders. To them, Ji Fengyan opened the doors to a whole new world every time she made a move.

Incredible and amazing. Those who had sparred against Ji Fengyan felt that her moves were extremely foreign. They actually felt a sense of regret knowing that the decisive round would be over soon.

It had been a major pressure for them to go against this extraordinary young girl. But to these old men, it was also a new type of inspiration.

Ji Fengyan didn’t realize that her battle with Master Yue had already turned into a demonstration bout to be admired by the audience of Elders.

Master Yue was also a master sorcerer, but unlike Duan Muxi’s light-based sorcery, he practiced wood-based sorcery.

Wood-based sorcery was not an attack-driven sorcery, but held strong healing capabilities. It was an extremely rare type of sorcery.

But the advantages of this rare sorcery would not be apparent in a one-on-one battle.

Within seconds, Master Yue had already been beaten.

Following Master Yue’s defeat, Eldest Princess’ fervent anticipation gradually dissolved into nothing. The malevolent grin on her face froze.

How was this possible?

How was this possible?

Ji Fengyan had already undergone 12 rounds of battle. How could she still hold such a strong spirit? Was she inexhaustible? Did she not feel tired?

Ji Fengyan was susceptible to tiredness and exhaustion.

But definitely not now.

On the trip back to the capital city, Ji Fengyan had been using the jewel given to her by the ancient dragon to cultivate her inner core. Compared to the energy offered by the demon god’s bone, the energy provided by the ancient dragon was more pure.

The ancient dragons were one of the strongest races born of heaven and earth. Their source of power was derived from the countless living creatures in the natural world, and that power was the most precious in Ji Fengyan’s view.

Ji Fengyan’s inner core had been largely repaired and she was full of vital energy. She was just waiting for a lively and energetic battle to expend some accumulated vital energy in her inner core, to further augment herself.

The group of Elders had unfortunately become the outlets for Ji Fengyan to vent her extra energy.

The Eldest Princess didn’t understand the reason behind it all. But she turned cold the moment she saw Master Yue being forced back by a lightning strike from Ji Fengyan.

“I admit defeat.” Master Yue steadied himself in his panic. The hand clutching his magic staff was trembling. He had lost in an utter and complete defeat.

Ji Fengyan smiled and surveyed the group of Elders.

“The 12-round battle with you all has now ended. I have won.” Ji Fengyan grinned.

The Elders could only sigh in resignation.

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