Chapter 788 - It Should End Now (3)

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Chapter 788: It Should End Now (3)

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Ji Fengyan and the Elders had bet on lives.

—In the end, it was Eldest Princess’ life which had been lost.

The betting game had ended. Ji Fengyan no longer looked at the group of Elders but turned around to grin at the totally crestfallen Eldest Princess.

Having had her high hopes completely smashed after being raised to the skies, that expression was truly… too awesome.

“Your life has been forfeited in this bet.” Ji Fengyan grinned at Eldest Princess. The evil-vanquishing sword glimmered in her hand.

Eldest Princess was totally stunned. That twisted expression was full of astonishment and anxiety. “No… no… how could I have lost…”

How did things turn out like this?

Where was all that hope?

The Eldest Princess never realized that she had endured all this time while clinging onto a hope that never existed.

Nothing could crush her more than this tremendous blow.

“Ever since Ji City, you have held a personal grudge against me and came up with many nefarious schemes. Did you ever think that you would come to such an end?” Ji Fengyan was in no hurry to take Eldest Princess’ life.

The Eldest Princess felt rather panicky. She looked at Ji Fengyan with an expression full of bewilderment and despair.

When had she started treating Ji Fengyan as the thorn at her side?

Perhaps it started during Ji City, when Grand Tutor Xing Lou had stepped forward to save her. Or when Ji Fengyan had disregarded her royal princess status. She had since hated Ji Fengyan with a vengeance—this girl indifferent to her noble status, yet remaining totally beyond her control.

Forcing her to marry Lei Min. Forcing Ji Fengyan onto the battlefield and colluding with Situ Ba…

All these were to drive Ji Fengyan to her grave.


Did Eldest Princess ever think…?

The person she was driving to her death was not Ji Fengyan, but herself?

“I will never forgive this.” Eldest Princess regained her senses, the viciousness in her eyes still lingering.

“If you kill me, don’t even dream of leaving this palace alive. You’ll never have another day of peace! Father will never let you go. All the armies of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon will never stop pursuing you! They will skin you and tear you from limb to limb!” Eldest Princess cursed venomously as she glared ruthlessly at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan responded to Eldest Princess’ curses with a calm attitude and an amused smile.

“Perhaps what you said is true, but unfortunately… you’ll not be able to witness what happens to me in the future.” Ji Fengyan smiled as a cold light flashed before her eyes.

That cold light grazed against Eldest Princess’ throat. As the light faded, a blood-red line surfaced on Eldest Princess’ neck area… her eyes widened and she remained filled with curses and hatred for Ji Fengyan right before her death.


Just as Ji Fengyan said, the Eldest Princess could no longer see what happened in the days to come.

The elegant, pampered Eldest Princess breathed her last. And her death was a wretched one, drenched in blood and not the least bit dignified.

Looking at the dead Eldest Princess, the Elders all lowered their eyes in silence. On the contrary, the dazed guard captain gave a sudden start.

“Ji Fengyan, you actually dared to kill Eldest Princess! Everyone hear my command, arrest Ji Fengyan this very minute! She must be captured, dead or alive!” The guard captain felt as he was going out of his mind. The Emperor had repeatedly stressed to them the importance of ensuring Eldest Princess’ life, but…

She had been executed by Ji Fengyan right before their eyes.

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