Chapter 789 - Making a Big Scene (1)

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Chapter 789: Making a Big Scene (1)

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The death of the Eldest Princess also meant that Ji Fengyan no longer had a hostage as a bargaining chip. The guard captain no longer had anything else to consider and immediately ordered his tens of thousands of soldiers to move forward.

“Master Yue, would the Elders please join in and help us arrest Ji Fengyan.” The guard captain looked at the Elders with a solemn face.


Master Yue and the rest appeared to be in a dilemma. They remained silent for a period, but still could not respond to the guard captain’s request.

“Master Yue?” The guard captain was somewhat anxious.

Master Yue breathed a heavy sigh. “We had been ordered to come down and have already sparred with Ji Fengyan. It is our lack of abilities that had us defeated by her. Since we have already lost, how could we still bear to confront her once again?”

The guard captain was stunned.

Did the Elders intend to hold back?

He gritted his teeth quietly. Looking at the passive Elders, his gaze turned a notch chillier. He then led his army and surged towards Ji Fengyan.

Master Yue and company shook their heads in resignation as the tens of thousands of soldiers swarmed in for the kill.

They were already tired of the petty ongoings of this world.

If not for Ji Fengyan’s current predicament, they would have been more than happy to share a lengthy conversation with this prodigy.


It was all too late.

Ji Fengyan jumped up lightly and sat upon the back of the elephant statue. She watched with amusement as the tens of thousands of soldiers surged towards her.

“This time, things will get a little messy.”

The little old man and burly man eyed the huge battle before them. Having witnessed Ji Fengyan defeating the 13 elite practitioners, boiling blood raged inside their veins and they immediately prepared to do battle.

“Girl, we made the right choice in following you. You are a prodigy.” The little old man chuckled.

Ji Fengyan raised her brows. “Surviving is the true right choice.”

Little old man and burly man nodded.

Ji Fengyan immediately commanded her animated statues and engaged the tens of thousands soldiers in a fierce battle.

This battle was definitely the most chaotic battle in the entire history of the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

Already steeped in high battle adrenaline, Ji Fengyan led her statues in a direct attack at the army. These statues were made of extremely hard material and held enormous strength. Just barging into the soldiers was enough to knock down those fully armoured men. In addition, their hard exterior was a natural defense and suffered not the slightest damage by the common weapons of those soldiers.

Being able to chip off one or two bits of rock was already the best the soldiers could achieve.

In the blink of an eye, the huge army was reduced to a whimpering bunch by the statues under Ji Fengyan’s command.

No one could withstand the high tensile strength of a whole group of rocks.

Ji Fengyan led her strange army towards the palace exit, effortlessly sweeping away all the soldiers who stood in their way.

The Emperor held a tight rein over the capital city. Apart from his personal army, no other army was allowed to be stationed near the city. It was this lust for control which created this present dilemma.

The troops that could hold off Ji Fengyan’s army were nowhere near the capital city. Even if the Emperor wanted to summon reinforcement troops, it would have taken some time.

After Ji Fengyan barged out of the palace exit, the entire capital city plunged into a major upheaval.

The citizens had been strolling along the main street when they suddenly saw a bunch of statues thundering towards them. Armed soldiers were also surging from all directions, turning the streets into a chaotic mess.

The Emperor immediately passed down the orders for every high-level practitioner and Terminator within the capital city to attack Ji Fengyan.

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